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Beautiful jewellery that complements your everyday style, and completes your look. They’re so stunning, and so you!

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Now we can ship designs faster on requests. Just call us!
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Curvature BraceletCurvature Bracelet hover

₹ 13,254₹̶ ̶1̶4̶,̶7̶0̶0̶

Curvature Bracelet

Jazzy Blossom BraceletJazzy Blossom Bracelet hover

₹ 3,992₹̶ ̶4̶,̶6̶9̶6̶

Jazzy Blossom Bracelet

Braid Cluster BraceletBraid Cluster Bracelet hover

₹ 17,919₹̶ ̶1̶9̶,̶9̶9̶5̶

Braid Cluster Bracelet

Har Din Diwali
Sana Mangalsutra BraceletSana Mangalsutra Bracelet hover

₹ 8,004₹̶ ̶8̶,̶2̶5̶1̶

Sana Mangalsutra Bracelet

Juana Leaf Linked BraceletJuana Leaf Linked Bracelet hover

₹ 24,095₹̶ ̶2̶4̶,̶5̶5̶1̶

Juana Leaf Linked Bracelet

Starry Love BraceletStarry Love Bracelet hover

₹ 4,078₹̶ ̶4̶,̶7̶9̶8̶

Starry Love Bracelet

Entwined Heart BraceletEntwined Heart Bracelet hover

₹ 3,984₹̶ ̶4̶,̶6̶8̶7̶

Entwined Heart Bracelet

Winsome Butterfly BraceletWinsome Butterfly Bracelet hover

₹ 4,036₹̶ ̶4̶,̶7̶4̶8̶

Winsome Butterfly Bracelet

Elia Cluster Hug BraceletElia Cluster Hug Bracelet hover

₹ 16,064₹̶ ̶1̶7̶,̶1̶7̶6̶

Elia Cluster Hug Bracelet

Curved Glimmer Adjustable BraceletCurved Glimmer Adjustable Bracelet hover

₹ 6,646₹̶ ̶7̶,̶1̶4̶7̶

Curved Glimmer Adjustable Bracelet

Feather Gold BraceletFeather Gold Bracelet hover

₹ 8,191₹̶ ̶9̶,̶0̶0̶1̶

Feather Gold Bracelet

Floret Charm BraceletFloret Charm Bracelet hover

₹ 15,197₹̶ ̶1̶6̶,̶8̶2̶8̶

Floret Charm Bracelet

Ornate Pearl BraceletOrnate Pearl Bracelet hover

₹ 17,741₹̶ ̶1̶9̶,̶1̶8̶7̶

Ornate Pearl Bracelet

Victoria Deco BraceletVictoria Deco Bracelet hover

₹ 22,335₹̶ ̶2̶5̶,̶0̶7̶8̶

Victoria Deco Bracelet

Alluring Coral BraceletAlluring Coral Bracelet hover

₹ 19,938₹̶ ̶2̶1̶,̶7̶5̶5̶

Alluring Coral Bracelet

Infinity Knot BraceletInfinity Knot Bracelet hover

₹ 4,666₹̶ ̶5̶,̶4̶8̶9̶

Infinity Knot Bracelet

Tiana Triad BraceletTiana Triad Bracelet hover

₹ 20,017₹̶ ̶2̶2̶,̶3̶5̶3̶

Tiana Triad Bracelet

Orb Lattice BraceletOrb Lattice Bracelet hover

₹ 19,910₹̶ ̶2̶1̶,̶9̶8̶6̶

Orb Lattice Bracelet

Aarushi Mangalsutra BraceletAarushi Mangalsutra Bracelet hover

₹ 21,342₹̶ ̶2̶4̶,̶4̶5̶6̶

Aarushi Mangalsutra Bracelet

Kiara Sparkle BraceletKiara Sparkle Bracelet hover

₹ 19,394₹̶ ̶2̶2̶,̶1̶7̶5̶

Kiara Sparkle Bracelet

Know More about CaratLane

Dazzling Bracelets for All

A bracelet tops the list among the most worn ornaments by men, women as well as kids and babies. Bracelets have been donned with by all since ages and are a definite way to enhance an individual's style quotient. From every day wear to parties and special occasions, a bracelet fits with both western and traditional attires. A bridal dress can be made complete by a matching bracelet, and it can also serve as a beautiful wedding gift for the bride or groom both. A bracelet is also a perfect gift to a newborn or your young ones. CaratLane, the one-stop-shop for jewellery offers a vast collection of bracelets with around 330 flawless designs for men, women and kids.

With a unique design for everyone, the price range of the bracelets ranges from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 2,50,000. The bracelets by CaratLane are available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and two-tone gold variants. The bracelet styles available on CaratLane include tennis bracelets, flexible, oval and round bracelets, hand harness, and mangalsutra bracelets. Bracelets can be flaunted on various occasions including weddings, as evening wear, work wear and everyday wear.

CaratLane works towards creating a hassle-free online shopping experience for its customers, providing the best of jewels. It provides its customers multiple online payment options along with various supporting policies, such as exchange and return facilities.

Gold Bracelet

A gold bracelet is the most donned style of bracelets by men, women and kids as well. It makes for perfect bridal jewellery for the wedding day as well as a great gift for the groom. CaratLane's selection of gold bracelets is matchless and has a vast variety from classic, contemporary to designer styles. Gold bracelets can be worn with any attire and on any occasion.

  • The Ornate Om Bracelet, set in 18K yellow gold for babies or the Figures Charm Bracelet, set in 22K yellow gold for kids are charming gold bracelets crafted by CaratLane.
  • The range of Bracelets for men by CaratLane varies from a bold design such as the Geometric Repeat Men's Bracelet, set in 22K yellow gold or the sleek Criss Cross Cutout Bracelet, set in 22K yellow gold.
  • Bracelets for women by CaratLane consist of a vast selection. Light designs like the Cane Geometric Bracelet, set in 18K rose gold and the Kellie Cutout Bracelet from the Gold Lace collection, set in 18K yellow gold are stylish bracelet designs. Bold styles include the Intricate Bead and Leaf Gold Bracelet and the Kalki Lotus and Coin Gold Bracelet from the Uttarakshin collection, both set in 22K yellow gold, which are stunning gold bracelets.

Diamond Bracelet

A diamond bracelet is a must-have for every diamond lover. A classic style of flaunting a bracelet, a diamond studded bracelet is sure to call for attention even in a crowd. Stunning designs of diamond bracelets have been assorted by CaratLane for men, women and kids.

  • The Believe Cursive Bracelet from the Style by Ami collection by CaratLane, set in 18K rose gold with diamonds is an expressive and stylish diamond bracelet.
  • The Elsa Ripple Hand Harness from the Ornati by Farah Khan collection, set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds is a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery. It can be matched with any traditional dress.
  • Laura Trellis Bracelet from the Trellis collection, set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds can be a perfect addition to a bridal jewellery collection.
  • The simple Ted Bracelet for Him and the dashing Mack Bracelet for Him, both set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds are men's diamond bracelets worth checking out.

Mangalsutra Bracelet

The mangalsutra bracelet is a fast growing trend which is replacing the traditional mangalsutra, making it easier to be donned as an everyday wear as well as a work wear by women. A mangalsutra bracelet helps a woman uphold the traditions and in style.

  • The Saanvi Mangalsutra Bracelet by CaratLane, set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds is a beautiful floral-inspired mangalsutra bracelet design.
  • The Riya Mangalsutra Bracelet by CaratLane, Set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds is another outstanding classic bracelet style.

Solitaire Bracelet

A solitaire studded ornament is a wish come true for everyone and a must-have in every diamond lover's jewellery collection. Pure indulgence in every form, a solitaire bracelet speaks of elegance and style altogether. A light solitaire bracelet can be perfect everyday wear and a heavily studded bracelet can be flaunted on evenings.

  • The stunning Heavenly Tennis Bracelet by CaratLane, set in diamonds and 18K white gold is a classic piece of jewellery.
  • Mystique Tennis Bracelet, set in diamonds and 18K white gold is a dazzling and chunky pair of solitaire bracelet.
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