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14 Jun Father’s Day Gift Guide

Bauble up daddy dearest’s repertoire!

Fathers are our first tryst with superheroes. And we’re nearly always left grappling for choices when it comes to making Father’s Day that much more special for them. Jewellery offers a premium and luxurious alternative to the regular run-of-the-mill gifting options for daddy dearest. Why you ask? Jewellery can be personalised, is an investment, speaks volumes of the wearer and allows the first man in your life to have fun and experiment with style! Not convinced? We break it down for you with jewellery alternatives to mundane gifts this Father’s Day.

Rings vs. iPhone

The iPhone is a luxury gadget and a baseline must have for anyone who wants a premium functioning phone. Yet, here’s why an 18K gold diamond ring is a better compliment to your dad’s daily needs. It turns up his formal wear by a notch and lasts forever (unlike an iPhone). Rings also make for cute, personal gifts as compared to gadgets, staying with their wearers all the time, reminding your daddy, you’re always there for him!

Cufflinks vs. a button-down shirt

While the classic button down shirt makes for a lovely gifting option, chances are you’ve been there done that in the past! Cufflinks accentuate your dad’s existing shirts perfectly and come in many styles and functions. Be it classic gold and silver cufflinks for men or those with a more elaborate design, they are sure to make any cotton or linen shirt look royal.

Chains vs. the classic tie

The classic tie is an old-school basic gifting idea that suits many different budgets and needs. You could have a tie with a quirky print or a branded tie in luxurious silk. But guess what? A chain can elevate both everyday and eveningwear styles just as can a tie. An added bonus: whether in gold or platinum it also makes for a great investment and heirloom piece!

Bracelets vs. watches

Another no brainer, a watch is an eternal gifting favourite! While pure metal watches can also make perfect heirloom gifts, a more affordable luxury gift is the bracelet. Whether sleek or chunky, gold or platinum, these bracelets can elevate your dad’s everyday and evening looks and also take him back to his days of playing rockstar in college!

Discover our selection of Father’s Day gifts here.

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