7 gold jewellery care mistakes

7 gold jewellery care mistakes

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There’s a reason why women have been fascinated with gold for centuries. Its adaptability, lustre and mystique makes gold a keeper. If kept well, gold can last a lifetime and make for a treasured heirloom. But are you keeping your gold preciouses well? Here are 7 mistakes you could be making while caring for your gold jewellery and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Using a non-reputed professional cleaner

Tip: A professional cleaning every year is highly recommended. In handing your jewellery over, make sure the professional cleaner is a reputed one to avoid rip offs and fraudulence. Reputed cleaners will also apprise you in advance of procedures and possible risks.

Mistake #2: Using incorrect DIY cleaning methods

Tip: Soaking your jewellery in an ammonia solution for too long or too frequently can run the risk of discolouration over time. Ammonia is a strong solvent and is best used by professionals. Professionals also strictly prohibit using toothpaste for its abrasive properties, although DIY websites recommend it. Choose your cleaning methods wisely and only after thorough research.

Mistake #3: Not caring for your gold jewellery regularly

Tip: Regular cleaning simply requires that you soak your gold jewels in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap for three hours, remove and scrub gently with a soft baby toothbrush, and rinse out in warm water or denatured alcohol to remove any grease and wipe dry with a rouge cloth.

Mistake #4: Wearing your beloved gold beauties all the time

Tip: Wearing your jewellery at all times, including while doing the dishes (in case of rings and bracelets), swimming or showering can cause prolonged wear and tear. Exposure to chlorine in swimming pools can discolour gold. It’s best to store your jewellery in a box at times like these or when not in use.

Mistake #5: Not storing your jewellery properly

Tip: Simply throw in all your pieces without mindfully placing them carefully? Tangled necklaces can lead to abrasions and the best way to avoid this is by clasping your necklaces before you store them. Have a designated box or drawer for storing your gold goodies.

Mistake #6: Not sizing your jewellery properly

Tip: Not sizing your gold rings to fit your fingers can lead them to denture or break. It is best to size your rings to fit rather than use metal ring sizers that leave abrasions on the gold.

Mistake #7: Wearing your jewellery before getting dressed

Tip: When getting dressed, the golden rule is to put on your jewellery last. Wearing jewellery first can lead to tarnishing while putting on your make up.

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