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09 Mar “Great design doesn’t necessarily mean unaffordable jewellery” | In Conversation with Farah Khan

From micro-pave to mega-watt glam, jewellery designer Farah Khan has dazzled Hollywood stars, Bollywood celebrities and red carpet personalities alike. But what happens when she sets out to craft something special for the real woman, one who is comfortable in her skin?

Bringing together designs that speak of everyday indulgence and craftsmanship that is reminiscent of a woman who exudes confidence inside out, Farah Khan, in association with CaratLane, recently launched the Ornati collection. Farah spoke to The CaratLane Edit about Ornati, her latest jewellery designs, her design inspirations and much more.


What led to crafting the Ornati line of collection? What was the inspiration?

There is a general assumption that designer jewellery is expensive. And, I was keen to break that myth because great design doesn’t necessarily mean unaffordable design. ‘Ornati’ took birth because I wanted offer designer jewellery for everyday indulgence, at great prices. Ornati is “to adorn” and “to beautify”. I wanted to adorn and beautify every woman out there who aspired to own designer jewellery and wanted to express her fashionable feminine side. The inspiration for this line came from the real woman out there who want to state their individual style, with a fashionable twist.

Ornati is a designer jewellery collection for ‘everyday indulgence’. How do you interpret this in your designs?

I believe that every piece of jewellery you wear should resonate as a personal statement. So with Ornati, we created beautiful, everyday wearable pieces that stand out. You can choose to pair them for your boardroom look or dress up a cool t-shirt and jeans. Whichever direction you choose, you’ll have fun. Ornati therefore brings a whole line of feminine rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets which are fluid in design. And, come in a price point starting at just Rs 8,500 which makes it perfect for everyday indulgence.

How’s Ornati different from your other collection lines?

The design language of Ornati is very different from my other collections. It is fun, feminine, upbeat, and definitely wearable with every look you wish to adorn It with. We have used forms that can be mixed and matched, stacked or unstacked. It just depends how you want to style it!

Pastel Petals brings the trend of natural gemstone hues to everyday jewellery. How do you suggest styling this collection?

Pastel Petals is a collection from Ornati that took time to evolve because we had the gemstones cut specifically for the designs we created. Right from the colour shading to the thickness and curvature of each stone, a lot of work went into the detailing of those gemstones. Also, Pastel Petals echoes of bring spring colours, so what better a time to launch it than in spring. As a collection, Pastel Petals can be worn as easily over floral dresses or date night looks and also paired with causal jeans.
Personally, I love stacking two to three rings of the Pastel Petals collection together! I love the simplicity of this line and the natural gemstone colours we have used like moonstone in whites, rose quartz in pink, chalcedony in green and onyx in black.

Ayin is a modern take on the evil eye jewellery. Where would you wear an Ayin piece to?

Ayin is our line to protective charms that spell style. It is fun, fashionable and uber cool. I think every woman must own one of our Ayin pieces because it is not just about the protective powers of the talisman jewellery but the collection brings the trend of evil eye in designer jewellery as pretty little prêt trinkets for everyday!

If you have to choose one favourite piece from the Sonnet collection, which would it be? And why?

The Sonnet line is a poetic rendition of ballroom elegance. It is inspired by the swirls, and twirls of flowing gowns and is a playful design of baguettes in motion. Rosy reds, graceful greens, beautiful blues, and diamonds, Sonnet is a glamorous line of old world glamour.

Personally, I love the diamond earrings and the pendant set from this collection. I’m also partial to the ruby pendant that bunches up together, as it is very elegant in design and absolutely versatile.

If you weren’t designing jewellery, what would you be doing?

I would be a photographer travelling the world, capturing beauty in every corner of the world!

One piece of jewellery means the most to you…

My mom gave me a pendant that was passed down to her from her mother. That piece of jewellery means the world to me as it brings back so many precious memories.

Three tips and tricks of jewellery style that you’d like to share with every woman?

1.Wear the jewellery don’t let the jewellery wear you!
2.Most of us prefer gold jewellery online for investment purpose. While buying jewellery invest in not just gold jewellery. Spread your investments over diamond and coloured gemstones as well. Because over a period of time, all of them will appreciate in value.
3.Remember, your smile is your best accessory. Use it often to dazzle everyone

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