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Flitter Blue Butterfly Ear Cuffs
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 373
One Wing Blue Butterfly Ring
Casual Rings Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 334
Mesh Cluster RingMesh Cluster Ring
Classic Diamond Women Ring
$ 203 $ 214
Bestseller : FLAT 5% Off
Peacock Feather BraceletPeacock Feather Bracelet
Flexible Diamond Bracelet
$ 224 $ 230
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Duo Blue Butterfly Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 358
Triangular Multi Pierced Diamond EarringsTriangular Multi Pierced Diamond Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Multi Pierced
$ 90 $ 100
FLAT 10% Off
Intertwined Glim RingIntertwined Glim Ring
Essentials Diamond Women Ring
$ 180 $ 189
Bestseller : FLAT 5% Off
Flutter Blue Butterfly Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 436
Adny Ring For MenAdny Ring For Men
Classic Diamond Men Ring
$ 340 $ 365
Save 15% on Diamond Prices
Trio Miracle Plate RingTrio Miracle Plate Ring
Casual Rings Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 154 $ 162
FLAT 5% Off
Hala Stud EarringsHala Stud Earrings
Classic Diamond Earrings
$ 319 $ 350
Bestseller : Save 15% on Diamond Pr...
Jokia Star Burst RingJokia Star Burst Ring
Casual Rings Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 288 $ 303
Bestseller : FLAT 5% Off
Curve Miracle Plate RingCurve Miracle Plate Ring
Classic Diamond Women Ring
$ 121 $ 134
FLAT 10% Off
Elen Cluster RingElen Cluster Ring
Cluster Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 407 $ 447
Save 15% on Diamond Prices
Alphabet A PendantAlphabet A Pendant
Initials 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 193 $ 203
FLAT 5% Off
Apex Stackable RingApex Stackable Ring
Stackable Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 226 $ 251
Bestseller : FLAT 10% Off
Emily Miracle Plate Stud EarringsEmily Miracle Plate Stud Earrings
Classic Diamond Earrings
$ 127 $ 133
FLAT 5% Off
Lover's Knot Platinum RingLover's Knot Platinum Ring
Casual Rings Women 950 Platinum Ring
$ 318 $ 333
Save 10% on Diamond Prices
Classic Leaves RingClassic Leaves Ring
Classic Diamond Women Ring
$ 154 $ 162
FLAT 5% Off
Beaten Heart EarringsBeaten Heart Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 102 $ 114
FLAT 10% Off

Diamond Jewellery

Jewellery lovers skewed towards making pricey modern jewellery purchases now have an affordable means to satiate their longing towards diamond jewellery. Enabling them to beautify parts of their bodies with diamond jewellery designs, Caratlane; the online jewellery shopping platform offers a host of attractive and reasonably priced ornaments embossed with diamonds. Offering an unmatched collection of "Never before seen" diamond jewellery designs, it makes sense to sign up with Caratlane to proceed with online diamond jewellery shopping to become proud owners of diamond wedding jewellery or diamond work wear jewellery.

Apart from attracting women, the platform through its artistic pieces meets the numerous desires of the quintessential male through its attractive collections of diamond jewellery for men. Taking the shape of diamond cuff links and diamond rings, these ornaments accentuate the looks of a quintessential male. Alongside the exclusivity of designs, these wondrous creations merging the grandeur of metal and stone bring in the benefit of affordability through purse-friendly diamond jewellery for women price in India.

The One-Stop Shop for Different Diamond jewellery

All in an attempt to provide numerous options of beautification to jewellery enthusiasts, Caratlane; the platform that promotes you to buy diamond jewellery online in India offers a long list of fine crafted ornaments. Facilitating diamond rings best price, patrons can choose from a wide range of diamond earrings online collections. The exclusive collection of diamond mangalsutra is simply irresistible. Time is always right for women to flaunt neck embellishments coming in the form of diamond pendants designs.

Ladies with a fetish for wrist ornaments studded with diamonds, the diamond bangles best price comes as an affordable investment option. In keeping with fashionable trends, timepieces studded with diamonds present a world of creativity through diamond studded wrist watches. Diamonds also make their permanent glitter felt through bracelets, nose pins and mangalsutras; the diamond jewellery designs which celebrate the spirit of womanhood in more ways than one!

Check out the Diamond Tanmaniya collection of diamond pendants design accompanied by an elegant chain; an embellishment that can match any ensemble. Bringing to the fore the concept of symmetry, a diamond set with a diamond pendant teamed with a pair of matching earrings can make the wearer a showstopper at any public gathering. Bestowing you with happiness for life, these ornate creations gleaming with the sparkle of multiple gemstones enhance the aesthetics of these masterpieces in a number of attractive ways.

Diamond Jewellery and Their Variants

Along with diamond stud earrings, the diamond drop earrings India collection of Caratlane is heavenly. Attracting the attention of onlookers is the glittering shine lent by diamond jhumkis. In an attempt to tread the off-beaten path, the mismatched collection of diamond earrings offers two different earrings as a pair. Finger rings studded with diamonds don the shapes of bands and casual rings. Cocktail rings presenting a melange of gemstone tinges along with diamonds permit jewellery lovers to enliven their multi-colour dreams. Diamond wrist adornments styled as broad bangles, thin bangles and single line bangles are a cut above the rest. Diamond necklace tagged under the names of bar necklaces, Malas and Charms present the charismatic appeal of stone studded neckpieces.

Buy Diamond Jewellery Online

While a plethora of embellishments is available for women, men also the luxury to indulge in diamond purchases. Along with diamond studded rings, they have a wide range of ornate cuff links and wrist watches. Earrings for men presenting the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication are the top choice for modern men skewed towards fashion. In addition to favouring the preferences of both men and women, Caratlane through its wonderful diamond jewellery for kids completes the range of stoned embellishments that are enlisted online.

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