23 Apr How to choose a cute bracelet for your kids?

We have all grown up wearing jewellery, watching our mothers, aunts and grandmas get dressed in the most stunning designs. The ear-piercing ceremony is an important occasion in every parent-child relationship. From thereon, parents are constantly looking to build a jewellery collection for their little ones.

If you’re a parent who’s looking for something unique for your precious one, or if you’re an aunt searching for some fun designs for your niece (so she’ll forever remember you as the cool aunt!), our team of design experts have put their minds together to curate their suggestions on what you can choose and also how to go about it. 

For the sake of this blog, let’s pick the bracelet. A popular jewellery choice amongst ALL mothers! There are several factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing jewellery for your little ones. For instance, the material and the size must be considered. Also, you must ensure that the kid’s bracelet can be worn for years to come. 

Pick a size

From newborns to the first few years, our kids don’t get to choose the bracelets they wear. So we go looking for one that we will like to see on their wrists, like the Tiara personalised kids’ gold bracelet. We measure the child’s wrist and pick out the bracelets that may be a little loose and will accommodate their wrists as they grow. They can be of any style, or they can be personalised bracelets. Fortunately, we have a size chart to measure according to age groups.

Choose the style

As our kids grow a little older, they like to give us some input on the type of bracelets they like to wear. While it may not be a well-thought-out choice, it is still something we must consider because we don’t want them to tuck it away in a jewellery box. We want to see them wearing the jewellery we have so lovingly bought. 

Personalised bracelets

Personalised bracelets are pretty common in the early years because they are either alphabet bracelets or have their names spelt out. Bracelets like the Infinity initial gemstone bracelet are easy to pick and can have their initials added to the little heart made of colourful gemstones. A bracelet like the Bow personalised kids’ gold bracelet with their full name engraved is universally loved. 

Charm bracelets

Children of all ages find the charm bracelets delightful to wear. They enjoy seeing tiny flowers or a favourite cartoon figure on their wrists. Be it a boy or a girl – charm bracelets are always popular. The big plus with charm bracelets is that you can add as many charms as you like over time and as their interests change. They can start with the Shyla cutout gold charm bracelet and add a few more charms like a chopper or animals that they like. 

Chain bracelets

Chain bracelets come in plain gold, with pearls or with diamonds and other gemstones. They can be minimalistic, like the Infinity gold bracelet or the more elaborate Station pearl gemstone bracelet. Chain bracelets flow around the wrist and need to be chosen by size. 

Tip: You would not want the bracelet to slip past your child’s palm.

Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets may not be ideal for toddlers as they will soon grow out of them. But it is perfect for a teenager. Teenagers have their own individuality to display and like to wear one-of-a-kind jewellery. Cuffs don’t have a clasp and can be slipped on without any effort. Silver jewellery is often preferred, and a Shirin E Bracelet would make a great accessory for any occasion. It is open-ended and adorns a wrist with simplicity and elegance. 

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets for the slightly older ones are more elaborate in design and heavier on the wrist. So they are worn on special occasions as they are often teamed up with a party outfit. They come with diamonds or gemstones and in gold, silver, or platinum. They shimmer like the Shimmer diamond tennis bracelet that can be adjusted according to wrist size and personal choice. 

Whether it is a cute bracelet or an elegant and classic bracelet, bracelets offer you the perfect gift idea. 

Daily wear or for special occasions?

Some bracelets are designed for daily wear and can be worn across age groups. They can take a little roughhousing as the little ones play, and they can be worn to school every day. Then there are these casual wear bracelets that go with all types of outfits and can be teamed with a couple of slim bangles. However, the bracelets worn for special occasions are the ones that need deliberation. They are distinct and chosen to suit the outfit and the occasion. Some of these bracelets are studded with diamonds or have an antique design, making them more glamorous. Some of them are silver and versatile, like the cuff bracelet, and can also be gold plated. Adding a further touch of style, you can choose the oval and curvy bracelet that is sure to add a touch of grandeur to your outfit. 

Here you are with so many tips to choose the bracelet your kids will love to wear, be it the cute little darlings or the unsettled, rebellious, fun adult. As you can see, the choices are plentiful, and the designs range from simple to elaborate, from modern to antique, and for every occasion. Crafted with inspiration and creativity, every bracelet in CaratLane speaks for your child..

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