26 Mar Mother’s Day Gifting Guide: Gift Ideas for your Mother

Mother’s day maybe a couple of months away. But, it gives you time to search for the perfect gift to give her and acknowledge her presence in your life. The relationship with your mother is a unique one. Each parent-child relationship is different, and taking the time to recognise her impact and give her a gift that shows you have paid attention to all that she has done for you is a great way to celebrate her. 

Invariably, children find it difficult to express all that they feel towards their mothers. There is a reason for that – how do you put all that she is into mere words? True, some write poems to describe her qualities and letters expressing love and respect. Still, there is something more you can do, can’t you? You could get her a gift that she will proudly wear. Nothing can beat a good, well-crafted piece of jewellery for a gift for this first remarkable woman in your life. 

Jewellery is a tangible reminder of the love you hold for your mother. It will be worn with pride and as a constant reminder of how much you value her. Knowing this is one thing; choosing the right gift is quite another. Here’s a little help from us to make this mother’s day special, with a few gift ideas. 

Jhumkas for her ears

Jhumkas originated in India and is a favourite among mothers. They are ornate pieces steeped in tradition and reflect an ethnic and classic look. The handcrafted gold-plating and crystal work is a labour of love that your mother is sure to appreciate. The shape of jhumkas has changed a little by becoming more contemporary. But, the complexity of the form adds an exciting element to the jewellery. The Creel Dome Diamond jhumkas can be stylish yet classic with the small diamonds added to the yellow gold. The best part is that new contemporary designs will go well with traditional wear, too. 

Diamond or pearl studs

When you are looking at various jhumka designs, you are likely to spot that sparkling set of diamond or pearl studs. Give her a solitaire to wear in each ear, and you will hear her joy as she exclaims in delight. Pearl studs make just as big an impact because they have a shine that will light up her eyes. And, the Amala pearl Gemstone Studs have both! 

Necklaces can be an easy choice

Necklaces never go out of style. Since you know your mom best, you also know the type she would prefer. What’s more, there are too many different types, which makes it easier to choose. For the mom who loves ornate designs studded with gemstones, there is always the Tacita diamond necklace with a beaded chain. If she likes pendant necklaces, you can pick up the Dreamer heart in gold. After all, she did help your dreams come true! You can find a great variety – from simple gold necklaces to the more intricately designed necklaces embedded with diamonds or gemstones. She can wear such necklaces with sarees, salwar suits, or even some informal wear as they make a perfect accessory. If you want to go with a personalised pendant that proclaims to the world that she is your mom, you have that available, too.

Think of the perfect rings she has longed for

You may think your mom has enough rings, including her wedding band. Your mom may also think she has quite a few rings and will probably not go looking for a new one. But, a woman can never have too many rings! There are rings she can wear every day, and then there are some that she can take out of the locker and wear on special occasions. The Duo Sparkle diamond ring would make a great addition to her collection, even as it says that she is very special to you.

Bracelets, especially for your mom

Does your mom like birds? Does she like to travel? Then, she would love to wear a bracelet that speaks to her passions. A simple bracelet with a charm or two is a splendid gifts for mom

If your mom likes silver jewellery, the silver enamelled hinge bracelet will dazzle her. It is one-of-a-kind jewellery, and wearing it will make her feel unique. 

How about some bangles?

Did you know that bangles have been worn for centuries? They go back to around 2600 BC. Bangles bring a touch of femininity as they adorn women’s wrists. Single bangles studded with gemstones or diamonds, like the Khina diamond bangle, are worn during festivals. Thin gold bangles are for daily wear. But, even daily wear can do with some change. And, you have probably seen her wearing bangles all the time. That doesn’t mean that she takes them lightly. So, a pair or two of delicate bangles will get your mom exchanging the old with the new, especially since it comes from you. 

Wrapping up

Did you think only children need to give their moms a gift? Not necessarily. Mothers are women who nurture and love unconditionally, be it their children or someone else. What will thrill her most is that she is recognised as such by you and those lives she has touched. Now, you have a few gift ideas for this Mother’s Day. Nothing stops you from going early to a store like CaratLane and starting the search to make your mom happy!

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