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Akshaya Tritiya Offers


Celebrate the Spirit of Akshaya Tritiya with Purse-Friendly Offers on Caratlane

Identified as a much awaited day favoring luck to staunch believers of Hinduism and Jainism, Akshaya Tritiya is a day signifying prosperity. Also named as a “Day of Gold”, people of both the religions purchase gold jewels with the belief that this act will spell fortune to them in particular and their families in general, all through the year.

And to make this day even more lucrative, Caratlane; the online jewellery shopping interface presents attractive Akshaya Tritiya Offers. Offering precious gold and diamond jewellery, the platform on this day permits ardent believers of luck to spin their wheel of fortune with exciting and budget-friendly deals.

Attractive Offers for Coins and Ornaments in Gold and Diamonds

Caratlane, the platform that allows you to buy jewellery online offers beautiful creations in gold and diamonds along with gold coins. Finger rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces can be ordered while striking best deals with gold bangle offers permitting discounts. These competitive prices thus allow jewelry enthusiasts to place their bet on any ornament of their choice on this luck-favoring day with complete satisfaction of quality and price-friendliness.

Planning to invest in a beautiful gold chain on this auspicious day? Then you have an exciting opportunity to strike gold with gold chain offers that are offered by Caratlane. Take home the glitter of diamonds coupled with the happiness factor of affordability through the diamond necklace offers that are valid for this day of bulk gold and diamond purchases. Choosing to derive benefits of gold earrings offers is a welcome move to revel in your forethought of acquiring fine-crafted trinkets at affordable rates on the “gold rush” day.

Apart from wondrous jewellery, staunch believers of the fortune-favoring Akshaya Tritiya also have the advantage of ordering gold coins. These beautiful creations, some of which are plain accompanied by others which are engraved with the figurines of Gods and saints are ideal, purse-friendly jeweled pieces that can be easily ordered. Facilitating gold coin offers , this platform will surely attract you to go for pieces that match your religious sentiments and beliefs.

Tread The Online Path

Akshaya Tritiya is a perfect day for jewelry and God lovers to make the most of affordable price tags that gold jewellery designs come with. This is also the day when jewelry enthusiasts throng gold and diamond showrooms, physically picking up their choicest ornaments. However, you can make a wise choice by simply signing up with Caratlane; all in an attempt to do away with the stress and strain. Promising you dual benefits, the “Try at home” feature along with options to engage in cashless transactions through debit and credit card swipes and net banking makes up for a customer-centric interface. To sum it all, Caratlane favors all your bejeweled dreams to come true on this day of good fortune, keeping up the promises of choice, quality and affordability.

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