5 reasons we decided to go Un-Nostalgic about gold

Un-Nostalgic Gold Designs

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Why we’re all for embracing a bold new look.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says gold jewellery? Heirlooms passed on by your grandma, currently residing in your locker? Or the kind of bling you would only wear to a wedding? A dated view, if we may say so ourselves.

From gadgets to wardrobes, we’ve modernised pretty much everything in life. Why not extend this courtesy to our outlook of gold jewellery as well? It’s time to look at gold in a fresh way, sans any inkling of nostalgia—think unusual, unexpected and unapologetic.

But our newfound approach is not based on a mere whim. It simply mirrors what jewellery connoisseurs across the nation are thinking. CaratLane conducted a survey, Unlearning Gold, in March 2016, to discover the new-age perceptions, tastes and preferences related to gold jewellery in the country. We spoke to 650 Indians (including 514 women), including our customers and social media followers. The resulting findings only encouraged us endeavour to go Un-Nostalgic about gold.

#1. Need for modern designs

69% women wished that gold jewellery came in more fashionable and modern designs, while 55% women felt that the current options in India are unwearable and traditional. With our collection ‘Un-Nostalgic’ we decided to reflect of changing mindsets through our au courant designs.

#2. Looking beyond traditional occasions

Yes, gold is a go-to for traditional functions, but the perception is changing. We found that 51% are looking to incorporate it in their office wardrobe while 26% are even willing to make it a part of their off-duty weekend garb! We aim to give them the most fitting options to do just that.

#3. Searching for youthfulness

A staggering 95% of Indian women in our Unlearning Gold survey said they’d love to make gold jewellery a part of their everyday wear, if only the designs metamorphosed to youthful and brave ones. That’s where we come in!

#4. Contemporary over heirloom

The millennial Indian woman is not interested in jewellery that gathers dust in her bank locker. In fact, 70% women said they are more likely to buy contemporary gold baubles over traditional heirloom designs.

#5. High on quality

Design was rated as the most important factor to buy gold jewellery by the women surveyed, closely followed by wearability. Crafted in 18K and 22 carat gold, the sophisticated designs of our ‘Un-Nostalgic’ collection promise just that.

Get Un-Nostalgic about gold here.

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