28 Apr 5 Bracelets and Bangles Everyone Must Own!

It is unlikely to see Indian women without a bangle or two, even those working with their hands or on the keyboard. It epitomises the Indian woman like few other things do. You can be in jeans and a T-shirt, and you will still wear bangles. You can be in a business suit and wear bangles. You can wear a saree or a salwar suit and wear bangles. You can be a sportsperson and wear a bangle or bracelet. It is doubtful that you can think of any outfit or occasion when a bangle doesn’t make an appearance.

Understandably, women have the bangle boxes that go with them wherever they go. Typically, these boxes will have bangles and bracelets that you can’t do without. Who knows when the occasion will warrant taking out just the right one to wear? To be on the safer side, everyone must own a few bangles and bracelets that can help you pick what to wear, wherever you are. Let’s see which ones are a MUST have.

Everyday wear

Every day wear bangles can be in pairs or more. They can also be a single bangle or bracelet. They are usually light and are versatile in terms of styling. You can stack them up if you feel dressy or just wear it as a single piece for a more minimalistic look. . ] Everyday bangles are simply there, sitting pretty as they adorn your wrist. These bangles need very little looking after and can easily handle our daily chores. The Chloe Criss-Cross gold bangle will work very well as an everyday wear bangle.

Charm bracelets

Charm your way with these bracelets. These can be for your daily wear or for the evening out with friends. There are several designs to choose from, and you can add more than one to the must-have collection. You can add one charm bracelet and several charms that you can add to it when the mood strikes you. Charm bracelets also embrace your wrist without being too tight or too loose. They come with an adjustable design to suit wrists of any size. To add a little flair, you can look at the Aisha cutout charm pearl bracelet, which you wear with any outfit. 

Cuff bracelets

One of the reasons why we consider a cuff bracelet a must-have is that it lends itself to all occasions. It is also a little more dramatic than the usual bracelet. Be it in gold or silver; cuff bracelets are a definite fashion statement. Look at the Silver gemstone tribal flexible bracelet, for example. It cuffs the wrist comfortably and has freshwater pearls to add a classy touch. You can wear just this bracelet and do without any other accessory to stand apart. 

Silver adornments for the wrist

We think silver jewellery always has a place in one’s collection. Enamel work in oxidised silver with or without gemstones can be unique and universally appealing. You can wear a dozen slim silver bangles or one elaborately designed one. Both the Bliss bracelet and the Rosalind bracelet are so different in design and yet, will appeal to your unique aesthetics.

Special occasion wear

Special occasions need special wristwear. Need we say more? It appears that we do! Everyone must have at least one or two unique pieces – a piece that is markedly different from the rest in the bangle box. It doesn’t need to be diamond-studded, although a diamond bangle would be fantastic to wear with any attire. The Quad and pearl bracelet is perfect and will go with a traditional and a modern outfit. Who doesn’t love wearing bangles? The Elias diamond bangle will need no other jewellery on your wrist as it is a complete statement. This, too, can go with any outfit you choose. It is a perfect blend of modern and traditional. 

Remember, it is not enough to have a collection of must-have bangles and bracelets. You may want to pay a little attention to how to wear them and look after them. Here are a few simple tips:

  • To match your outfit, you can add a few colorful glass or metal bangles between your gold bangles. 
  • If you are the type that works with your hands, you may want to wear thin and light-weight bangles. They will feel more comfortable. Keep the thick ones for an outing. 
  • Diamond studded bangles need more care. Again, if you use your hands for work or chores, you may want to pick a pressure setting for the diamonds and not a prong setting. Pressure setting will ensure that the diamonds remain intact. 
  • If the bangles or bracelets are a close-fit, you may find soapy water helpful in slipping them on or off. 

Are you ready to fill up your bangle box? The next step is to stop at CaratLane and pick out bracelets and bangles, keeping the above tips in mind. It should be easy as there are all these types and more!

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