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Whether you are married, about to pop the question or celebrating a milestone, make sure you have the perfect ring for your sweetheart! We help you pick one. 

Boys have their G.I. Joes and girls have their wedding planners. From the flowers to be used at the sangeet to the menu for the mehendi—she, like every other girl, had it all planned out before she was probably 10! She has already pictured the dream proposal and planned a fitting anniversary celebration. So when the time comes for you men to do the one thing entrusted to you—pick out the ring for her—you had better make sure you choose one worthy of your sweetheart’s efforts!

Don’t let the plethora of gorgeousness on offer confuse you. Choose a ring to match the personality of your beloved! We show you just how you can do that.

Wedding & Engagement_Rings

Fit For Your Bride: For The Ultimate Proposal

If your bride-to-be is a connoisseur of all things classic and chic, propose to her with a beautiful bridal set ring. Traditional in design, these striking, opulent rings that are a combination of engagement and wedding bands, are a style statement unlike any other. The best part is, that so ornate are these rings, that they can double up as wedding-day jewellery too!

Platinum Purity: For Your Wedding

Platinum embodies eternity and the union of two hearts, so if your princess is a whimsical romantic of sorts, there is no better way to declare your undying love for her than with a darling platinum ring. It’s just what she’ll love to receive as a promise of your devotion just before you tie the knot. And if you’re one of those candy-floss cute couples, get matching ones to mark the start of your new life together!

Three’s A Charm: For Your Anniversary Celebrations

If your doting wife is famous for her endearing and visionary style, then opting for a three stone set ring as an anniversary gift is a no-brainer! These rings symbolise the past, present and future, thus a perfect proof of the timelessness of the relationship you share. These eternal designs will also double up as a family heirloom piece, one you will be able to pass down to your children too!

Confused about which ring to get the love of your life? Simply call up our diamonds experts @ 1800-102-0103 or register for a FREE DIAMOND CONSULTATION HERE.





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