5 Ways Nature has Inspired our Jewellery

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Nature is beauty, it is wild, majestic, intricate and full of inspiration. The enigmatic shapes and colours of the natural world have influenced artists of all kind, including jewellery designers. Through their creation, they have tried to replicate and give everyone their exquisite reflection of this earthy beauty. Here are 5 such nature-inspired jewellery collections for you so that you can have a precious piece of Mother Earth to yourself.


Floral Fascination


Taking inspiration from nature’s natural ornamentation, the Fleur Collection features flowers of all types. From beautiful sunflower rings to dahlia earrings, plumeria pendants, daffodil bracelets and more, this collection will continue to shine for you even when the summer flowers fade away.

  Fleur blog  

Breath-taking Birds


Symbolising a gentle elegance, birds have inspired a plethora of jewellery. Among them is the Peacock Collection that takes inspiration from the bird’s grand poise with rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets capturing the blue, green and yellow reminiscent of the peacock’s feathers.  The Lovebird’s Collection is another one that features those perfectly paired birds on bracelets, rings and earrings, that characterise a timeless symbol love and togetherness.

  lovebirds necklace  

Beauty in Bloom


Jewellery has managed to replicate the dramatic essence of a full bloom garden too. The Rhapsody Collection features the delicateness of flowers, the free-spirited birds, butterflies and all the niceties of an eternal garden moulded on precious metal.

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Forest Frenzy  


Jewellery goes beyond flora and fauna too. It captures the intricacies right to the patterns of nature. The Aaranya Collection marvels such details of wood, grains, entangled roots and curvaceous leaves etched in jewellery.

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