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Earrings that will Dazzle Forever

An irreplaceable part of our wardrobe since antiquity, earrings have been worn as a symbol of one’s status and often to just up the glam quotient.

A woman’s taste in earrings changes though the years, each phase reflecting our maturity and sensibilities. Fun and quirky in adolescent taste transforms into a sophisticated and en vogue jewellery collection of a career woman. These then mellow down to classic pieces with timeless designs.

Over the many years of their existence and across many civilisations, the design of earrings has been constructed in a staggering number of patterns and sizes.

The range of earrings at CaratLane have been built after careful deliberation over design, style and purpose. From modern-minimalist designs to the elaborately intricate constructions, this collection is meant to suit every taste.

With patterns and trends that are inspired by international designs and reinventions of classic designs, this collection has everything from Lotus earrings to Ear cuffs for that little something extra.

Experts with knowledge of trends and fashions from across the company have handpicked these patterns and sizes. A pair of earrings that flatters the elegant tilt of your neck and the graceful curves of your cheek, or one that will enhance the colour of your eyes and the frame of your face, we assure you will find a pair that you absolutely love.

Plethora of Collections and Themes

Buy earrings online and take your pick from a range of precious metals - classic gold or a zen platinum, either on their own or encrusted with a selection of gems.

Emulate Hepburn and adorn your lobes with diamond earrings or lend your ensemble a touch of royalty with a soft pearl design.

The latest earrings collections ensure that you have the freedom to choose from over twelve themes with a variety of gemstones, in various colours such as yellow, white, rose, two-toned and three-toned.

  • The lotus collection showcases the flower at its best – this versatile motif adorns a stud, a dangler and a chandelier earring equally well.
  • Give your LBD an Indian accent with a pair of filigree worked golden dangly drop-earrings.
  • Minimalist stud earrings are ideal for work – accented for elegance by solitary diamonds.
  • Alternatively, you could opt for a ‘hoops and huggies’ design. With this pair you will have the contemporary reinvention of the hoop earrings thanks to the added dash of gemstone finery to suit any special occasion.

  • CaratLane’s range of latest earring designs is complemented with an equally diverse range of prices starting from Rs.9,000 and going up to Rs. 43,000. In order to cater to the varied tastes of women, CaratLane offers you a collection of over a thousand unique patterns and sizes. Sift through this collection to find the perfect pair that suits your taste for purity ranging from – 14 Kt to 22 Kt gold. You can also opt for the ever enigmatic platinum earrings or make a lasting statement, with a pair of diamond earrings.

    Gemstones such as turquoise, pearl and citrine are perfect for a dash of sparkle on evenings out, and even for casual wear. Be it chandelier earrings, or a Chand Bali, from collections such as Trellis, Enamel and Drop stone, these platinum, gold or diamond earrings are a sight to behold, and a privilege to wear.

    Accessorize with Ease

    CaratLane’s 3D virtual app takes convenience to the next level as you can now virtually try-on earrings to see exactly how they look on you. Buy Jewellery online like rings, earrings, pendants online, from the cover of your cubicle at work or from the cosiness of your couch at home. Make a trip to one of our stores to make sure that the pair that caught your eye is perfect for you.

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