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26 Feb Written in the Stars

Enlighten yourself with the astrological significance of our favourite sparklers.

Diamond Rings

While the charm of a dazzling diamond is sure to light up anyone’s face, its true value goes far beyond just its beauty. As if we needed more reasons to dote on diamond, here’s another one for you believers: besides being the most romantically associated gem, diamonds also hold major significance in astrology and are touted to influence your stars to a great extent!

Born under the zodiac sign of Aries? Lucky you, diamonds are your birthstone! Even a single solitaire can bring you a great deal of abundance. The pristine gem is also associated with Venus, the planet of love, marriage and all things beautiful. No wonder a woman waits for her Prince Charming to come bearing a sparkling rock! Ornamental and powerful, these stunning sparklers aren’t just for show — astrologers believe that they help increase life span, comfort, creativity, and prosperity. They also strongly recommend that the precious stone should only be set in precious metals, like gold or platinum. It is also  that the diamond should be in contact with your skin and exposed to sunlight for best results, ergo mounted stones on rings and pendants are most preferred, such as our subhaga astrological rings

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a fun fact you probably didn’t know – according to Hindu astrology, the colour of the diamond should match the wearer’s occupation. Based on this, royals are advised pink diamonds; while teachers, scientists and priests are suggested to opt for white ones to hone their mental ability. Those involved in trade and business should apparently wear yellow as it enhances their decision-making skills. Finally, blue and black diamonds are known to increase posture and physical strength, thus assigned to those who do hard manual work.

A final word of advice: don’t take this as the gospel of truth, as astrology is a question of faith and belief. It is also advisable to consult someone in the know before you don the stone to fix your fortune.

But astrologically beneficial or not, there’s no going wrong with diamonds! Get yourself some sparklers here.


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