30 Apr How To Buy Adorable Earrings for Babies without Spending A Fortune ?

One of the more significant milestones in a child’s life is the moment they get their ears pierced. It’s a beautiful and joyful moment, especially for the parents. We’ve seen so many mommy-to-be’s and young mothers, grandmothers too, who spend hours and days trying to find a perfect design for their precious little one. They want it to be perfect. A piece that will always remind their child of them. A design is so beautiful they’d want to wear it regularly throughout their life. The search for baby earrings must include kid-friendly factors like the metal, weight, screw-back or butterfly-back, and more. We will address these factors here to ensure that your girl’s ears are safe while still being pretty. 

Are baby earrings the same as adult earrings?

No, baby earrings and adult earrings are not the same. Baby’s earrings are designed exclusively for their little ears. They are smaller, have shorter posts, and are lightweight. The backing is also designed with extra measures to ensure that they fit securely. These differences are to prevent babies from being uncomfortable because the earrings are too heavy or the metal causes an allergic reaction. These measures also prevent babies from pulling them out and scratching themselves or putting the shiny bauble in their mouths. 

What to look for when choosing a baby’s earrings?

The three things you should factor in when looking for your baby’s earrings, whether it’s your baby’s first earring or not:

  • Material – hypoallergenic is a must
  • Size – small and lightweight
  • Design – screw back over butterfly back

As in the metal in the jewellery, the material is an important consideration. Precious metals with high gold content, such as 14k or 18k, would be ideal and hypoallergenic. High-quality sterling silver will also work for baby’s earrings. Baby’s earrings are highly sensitive. So only the premium quality material should be used. 

Gold Earrings: Gold of the highest quality, i.e., high karat content, will ensure that the earrings won’t cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. Earrings made in 14K, such as the Ashvi Classic Kids’ gold earrings or the Pretty Bow kids’ gold earrings, are excellent choices. If you know that your baby’s skin is very sensitive, you may want to go for 18K gold.

Sterling Silver: Silver is also a precious metal that is considered hypoallergenic and will work well with a baby’s ears. As with gold, silver alone is a soft metal. But, sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver and will not cause any skin issues. The 925 hallmark stamp can verify it, like the Tiny hoops earrings. This is why jewellers use sterling silver coated with a layer of rhodium to prevent tarnish. It also makes the earrings shine. 

Stainless Steel:  Stainless steel is a hygienic material and is also durable. It is less expensive than gold or silver. But, you must ensure that it is not a mix of different metal alloys. As long as you make sure that the jewellery doesn’t contain high amounts of nickel, your baby’s ears will be safe.

Titanium: Titanium is strong that is also hypoallergenic. It can be a good choice for ultra-sensitive skin. Titanium is also less expensive than gold or other precious metals. However, you may only have a limited selection of designs. 

What is the ideal size of earrings you should buy for your baby?

Typically, sizes range anywhere between 3mm-4mm, making them a better fit for babies and toddlers. While looking at size, remember to look at the posts, too. They must be shorter so that the earring stays in place without hurting the piercing. They must be lightweight as heavy earrings are a cause for discomfort. 

What type of back must the earrings have?

There are two types of backs – butterfly backs and screw backs.

Butterfly backs are also known as push backs or friction backs; the backing loops back on itself like a butterfly, which is how it gets its name. They are easy to slide onto the post of the earring. But, they are not as secure. They can just as easily slide off the post. 

Screw back earrings are made so that the back can be twisted onto the post, which has a threaded design. It allows you to screw the earring into place to stay firm and secure. It also makes it difficult for the little ones to remove them. 

However, you may find that some screw back designs do not have a covered back, which leaves the earring post exposed. The exposed portion may poke your baby behind her ear. Therefore, it is better to choose the screw back design that is covered.  

Whether it has a butterfly back or screw back, mommies know how to protect their baby’s ears. You can put the cute earrings on her only when taking your baby out for the day. 

Fantastic earrings for babies with minimal spending

Rest assured that your baby can still wear beautiful earrings, even considering the above factors regarding material and screw backs. You can buy diamonds, gemstones, or plain gold earrings without stretching your budget. CaratLane has earrings for under Rs. 10000/- like the Hippo Kids’ gold earrings and the whimsical Magical Unicorn kids’ gold earrings. Make your little girl a star with the Little Star kids’ gold earrings. If you can stretch a little, you can buy sparkling diamond earrings that weigh less than two grams. The yellow gold Baby Sparkle kids’ diamond earrings would make an excellent start to her collection of diamond jewellery

Now that you know what to look for, you can get cute, pretty, or whimsical earrings for your baby without feeling a pinch in your pocket.




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