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Dual Tone Drop EarringsDual Tone Drop Earrings
Traditional Gold Earrings
$ 147 $ 157
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Miti Beaded Gold JhumkasMiti Beaded Gold Jhumkas
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 436 $ 445
Flat 10% off on Making Charges
Lavy Beaded Gold JhumkasLavy Beaded Gold Jhumkas
Traditional Gold Earrings
$ 577 $ 640
Flat 50% off on Making Charges
Lantern Style JhumkasLantern Style Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 901
Structured Leaf JhumkasStructured Leaf Jhumkas
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 715
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Scroll and Bead JhumkasScroll and Bead Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 975 $ 1,030
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Folded Filigree JhumkasFolded Filigree Jhumkas
Designer Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 363
Glorious Traditional JhumkasGlorious Traditional Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 827
Filigree Cluster Multi-Style JhumkasFiligree Cluster Multi-Style Jhumkas
Multi-Style Diamond Earrings
$ 1,188
Extra 7% off ( Use code: EXTRA7)
Asymmetrical Drop Multi-Style JhumkasAsymmetrical Drop Multi-Style Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 776
Extra 3% off ( Use code: EXTRA3)
Filigree Basket Multi-Style JhumkasFiligree Basket Multi-Style Jhumkas
Multi-Style Diamond Earrings
$ 1,091 $ 1,113
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Filigree Flow Multi-Style JhumkasFiligree Flow Multi-Style Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 798
Extra 3% off ( Use code: EXTRA3)
Floral Cluster Multi-Style JhumkasFloral Cluster Multi-Style Jhumkas
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 746
Spiral Climber Multi-Style JhumkasSpiral Climber Multi-Style Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 1,024
Filigree Shell Multi-Style JhumkasFiligree Shell Multi-Style Jhumkas
Multi-Style Diamond Onyx Earrings
$ 772
Extra 3% off ( Use code: EXTRA3)
Oval Chandelier Multi-Style JhumkasOval Chandelier Multi-Style Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 1,068
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Kaleido Filigree Multi-Style JhumkasKaleido Filigree Multi-Style Jhumkas
Multi-Style Diamond Earrings
$ 700 $ 792
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Cylindrical Filigree JhumkasCylindrical Filigree Jhumkas
18 Kt Rose Gold Jhumkas
$ 578
Amethyst Filigree JhumkasAmethyst Filigree Jhumkas
Designer Gold Amethyst Earrings
$ 576
Three Tier Filigree JhumkasThree Tier Filigree Jhumkas
18 Kt Rose Gold Jhumkas
$ 721

Jhumka – The Jewelled Dome of Charisma

Amongst the most versatile pieces of jewellery, a pair of Jhumka is open to interpretation for every artist who sets out to make them. Known to be an essential part of the Indian culture, the Jhumka earring has left a mark in various art forms such as movie songs and paintings. But why the name Jhumka? Believe it or not, the name of this earrings hold great significance to its design.

The word Jhumki is synonymous with the traditional bell-shaped design that were first created in India. This design has decorative elements that hang under the bell shape structure offering a distinctive jingle when the wearer adorns them.

As of date, this bejewelled pair dangling from the ear is the most unique piece of jewellery that a woman can own. In fact, over the years the popularity of the Jhumkas has grown manifold and led this trinket to spread like wildfire from India to across the globe.

Types of Jhumkas

Experimentation is the key in the field of jewellery and Jhumka is nothing but a witness to that. Here's a look at the most contemporary Jhumkas that trend today.

Pearl Jhumkas

With the signature string of pearls outlining the edge of the Jhumka, this pair just never goes out of fashion. Adding an elegant finish to every traditional attire, the Pearl Jhumka is certainly a must-have. The other kind of Jhumka design in this category is the one which has the dome itself interspersed with numerous pearls. Oozing elegance and finesse, this pair is perfect when worn with the original stiff silk sari.

Kundan Jhumkas

Born the in royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Kundan work is now famous across India. But when it comes to combination, there is no better use of Kundan than in Jhumkas. Completely highlighting the ear, a Kundan Jhumka is right for all things festive. Keep it white and gold or add a dash of colours with different kundan work, the regal charm of this pair will only highlight the beauty of the attire you select.

Enamelled Jhumkas

Also hailing from the colourful state of Rajasthan are Meenakari / Enamelled Jhumkas that are often a staple in every Indian girl's jewellery box. Adding mesmerizing colours and intricate patterns to a jhumka, these pairs are the love of many as they can easily be paired with indo-western outfits and other traditional attires.

Rose Gold Jhumkas

Rose Gold Jhumkas are the most contemporary evolution in the space of Jhumkas. Often etched in Filigree, these pairs are simply mesmerising. The ornamental gold work of filigree makes these Jhumkas stylish, trendy and party-ready.

Diamond Jhumka

For the ones who let their jewellery do all the talking, diamond Jhumkas are the prefect options. These can easily be paired with every designer costume and couture outfit. Looking to dazzle the red carpet evening? Then Diamond Jhumkas are the way to go.

Tips to keep in mind before buying a Jhumka

Now that we have tapped on the most trending gold jhumka in the market, let's look at some of the tips that need to be kept in mind before buying a Jhumka.

  • Length of your neck

In the case of Jhumkas, it is important to keep in mind the length of the neck and the length of the Jhumka you are setting out to purchase. This because a Jhumka sitting on the shoulder is not as preferable as one that dangles mid-air.

  • Size of the Jhumka

It is critical to buy a jhumka that suits your features. And hence the dome of the Jhumka needs to be in proportion to your face, which is why it is best to just try them on and see.

  • Weight of the Jhumka

If you are looking to use a Jhumka at a series of events then the weight of the Jhumka should also be kept in mind as the heavier ones cannot be worn for too long. This because many women have delicate earlobe piercings that might not support very heavy Jhumkas. In which case, a Jhumka with a lighter base is the best go-to option with a strong back screw support.

At CaratLane we have numerous real Jhumka earrings designs with a price range that starts from Rs. 10,259 and goes up to Rs. 1,21,0818. Indulge in our extensive range Jhumka Earrings online or visit any of our stores to buy some of the most contemporary Jhumka designs available.

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