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The most jewel crazy, accessory-loving amongst us give our trinkets a break every now and then, except for one. Yes of course, we’re talking about the engagement ring — a piece we carry on ourselves like our hearts. But in making your ring second nature, are you ensuring it gets the care it needs to stay sparkling? We’ve got your back with a couple of thumb rules to follow!

Wear it everywhere, but

While it’s natural you’ll want to wear your ring everywhere in your first few weeks, it’s important to be selective. That love stone can go with you on date nights, family get-togethers, parties and anywhere where a little bit of show won’t hurt. But it’s quite alright to give it a break if need, for instance, if you’re headed to the beach.

All work and no play

Carry it anywhere social that doesn’t require games and hard work. For instance, don’t wear your engagement ring when you’re digging a bed of flowers with your mom-in-law or to the gym.

No place to rest like home

You may also want to take off your ring and store it safely when you’re home. This is when you’re likely to be multitasking and you won’t want your ring appearing as a surprise ingredient in that pie or poha.

Give it a room of its own

Make sure to store your ring in a clean, dry place. If you can, store it in a cloth bag stuffed with cotton, so that it gets no scratches or simply pop it into a laundered pair of socks.

Make it feel safe

Remember to store your ring in a place you can easily find, such as your jewellery cabinet. This ensures you don’t misplace or lose it.

Make time for it

Give your ring a cleaning, once every week, in a lukewarm solution of soap water, rubbing it down gently with a baby toothbrush. We recommend taking it to a professional cleaner at least once every month.

Prevention is better than cure

Also make sure to take your ring to a jeweller, for an inspection of wear and tear and for re-sizing, especially during pregnancy. At other times, have it checked on every six months or so.

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