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While an engagement ring is a symbol of love, let’s be honest, ‘putting a ring on it’ is a costly affair. Many months of toil and sweat go into buying one, and it’s even more stressful to select that perfect ring. Wouldn’t we all love to save a little extra on this beautiful trinket? Well, luckily for you, we tell you exactly how to do so and still manage to find the ring of your dreams. Read on to find out.

Opt for gold over platinum: The yellow metal is slightly less expensive than platinum, and serves as a great investment because the price of gold only tends to rise!

Buy a ring with many diamonds: A cluster of diamonds looks absolutely gorgeous and definitely blows a smaller hole in your pocket than a single large rock.

Say yes to halos: Halo settings are a winner as well. This surrounding band of diamonds around the focal solitaire makes it look bigger and striking, while allowing you to get away with a smaller rock.

Say yes to decimal points: Often while purchasing diamonds, people tend to pay premiums for round numbers in diamond sizes, i.e. 2 carats or 5 carats. Buy a 1.80 carat diamond instead and see the difference in prices! The size, though, will hardly vary!

Compromise a little on clarity grade: Hunt for an ‘eye-clean’ diamond rather than a ‘flawless’ one. Imperfections in diamonds are so minute that they are not visible to the naked eye. Just don’t compromise on structural strength of the gem.

Cuts should be of the highest quality: While other factors can be sacrificed to an extent to fit your budget, it is vital that the cut is flawless, because it is these magnificent facets that make a diamond sparkle. You can buy a smaller diamond with beautiful cuts and watch it shine as bright as a big one!

Be different: You can skip the diamond altogether and buy a ring with a whole different gemstone! While this is not traditional, you will definitely stand out with a sapphire ring on your finger. If Kate Middleton can do it, why can’t you?

Buy them online: We all know that jewellery online shopping is a money-saver. As long as you have proper certification and papers, nothing should stop you from buying that rings online. For instance, CaratLane eliminates middlemen costs and store rentals, to give you diamonds that promise a bang for your buck!

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