01 May What are the unique jewellery gift ideas for Mom with your first salary

Life is filled with big occasions celebrated with everyone around and some very personal yet significant ones. Our first step, first word, first day at school, first big competition, first college admission exam, first big fall, first heartbreak and so on. Through all this, there is one person who has always had our back and put us first no matter what – our mother. So when we’ve shared almost all our firsts with her, then why not our first salary? She probably feels the stress of your first-ever monthly review much more than you do. 

Unlike celebrating a mother’s birthday or mother’s day, sharing your first salary with her is a monumental moment between a parent and her child. A gift from your first salary takes on a whole different meaning because it is a recognition of where you have been and where you are, thanks to the tireless effort and unconditional love you have received from your Mom. 

So, how would you choose the gift? By trying to find out what she has always wanted but never gave it enough importance to go and get it for herself. Or by recalling her taste and style and picking out the best piece of jewellery and getting it for her. Most importantly you want to gift her something that’ll last a lifetime. A gift that’ll forever be the mark of this incredibly special moment, etched in gold and joy. 

We have listed a few unique jewellery gift ideas to make it easier for you.

Does she like bangles?

She’s your Mom. You can easily find the right size for her as all you have to do is look at what she wears every day. It is equally easy to know the type of bangles she likes to wear – plain gold, silver, platinum, or ones that have diamonds or gemstones. There is no shortage of designs, and if it is bangles you are looking for, you can look at the Blush Clover diamond bangle or the Antique Ammachis Bazaar Wala bangle in silver. Whichever you choose or can afford, your Mom will be thrilled. 

Bracelets instead of bangles?

Unique bracelets have always been popular. You could get your Mom a bracelet with unique charms that resonate with her interests – a book charm for the reader, a flower for the avid gardener, or an Eiffel tower for the traveller. If these are hard to choose from, you can always go with the Pearl Station bracelet

Would she like a gold necklace?

Gold necklaces are an easy choice. They can be personalised alphabet necklaces with Mom spelt out or her full name. They can also be necklaces with unique pendants that show her love of colour with a ruby or emerald gemstone pendant. If you are ready to splurge a bit, you can go for that special diamond-studded necklace. Your Mom may be looking for one to wear on special occasions, and the Yamie diamond necklace may just be perfect. Choose the Solitary pearl necklace or the Minimalistic Willow gold necklace, and you can be sure that it will make your Mom very happy! 

How about diamond stud earrings?

Moms like to jazz up their appearance just like everyone else. She may be used to wearing a few earrings day in and day out. But, she may still like to wear something different. The Sharan diamond stud earrings will make all the difference in the world because the design is unique and, more importantly, because it is from your first salary. If she is used to wearing only stud earrings, maybe you could get her to try drop earrings or even danglers! The Saima cutout gold drop earrings would be the right ones to try a different style.


Have you noticed how often she takes her rings out because her hands are busy with work, always caring for everyone around? Obviously, she loves her rings and wants to take care of them. Rings can be a good choice for a woman and can be a new addition to her collection. You have the Intertwined Glim diamond ring that will light up her eyes. If your Mom likes platinum, she will be enchanted with the Enchant platinum solitaire ring

These are just a few jewellery gift ideas for you to explore. While you can never put a price on a mother’s love, you can show appreciation in small or big ways, with a thought, a gesture, or a tangible gift. Your Mom is certainly not expecting anything in return for being there for you. Nor is she expecting you to spend all of your first salary on her! But, you can step into CaratLane physically or browse through their online stores to look for what appeals and will suit your budget. You can take advantage of any discounts or offers they have and take a virtual tour of the jewellery pieces that will suit your Mom. 

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