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Swing Navratna NecklaceSwing Navratna Necklace
Navratna Casual Necklace
$ 422
Floral Dusk Diamond NecklaceFloral Dusk Diamond Necklace
$ 313
Quad Sway NecklaceQuad Sway Necklace
Contemporary Casual Necklace
$ 456
Plumeria Knot NecklacePlumeria Knot Necklace
$ 403
Forever in Love Bar NecklaceForever in Love Bar Necklace
Heart Lariat
$ 333
Victory Multi Layer NecklaceVictory Multi Layer Necklace
Diamond Multi Layered
$ 476
Amore Bar Diamond NecklaceAmore Bar Diamond Necklace
Contemporary Bar Necklace
$ 253 $ 266
FLAT 5% Off
Woodruff Bloom NecklaceWoodruff Bloom Necklace
$ 635
Starry Night Sway NecklaceStarry Night Sway Necklace
Contemporary Casual Necklace
$ 340
Linear Sway NecklaceLinear Sway Necklace
Diamond Casual Necklace
$ 412
Sparkling Star NecklaceSparkling Star Necklace
$ 260 $ 274
FLAT 5% Off
Cross of Jesus Diamond NecklaceCross of Jesus Diamond Necklace
$ 262 $ 276
FLAT 5% Off
Peacock Feather Diamond NecklacePeacock Feather Diamond Necklace
$ 411 $ 430
Save 15% on Diamond Prices
Krishna Bansuri NecklaceKrishna Bansuri Necklace
$ 538
Cirque Halo NecklaceCirque Halo Necklace
Classic Casual Necklace
$ 293 $ 326
FLAT 10% Off
Pearl Drop Y NecklacePearl Drop Y Necklace
$ 230 $ 242
FLAT 5% Off
Triona Bouquet Diamond NecklaceTriona Bouquet Diamond Necklace
$ 250 $ 263
FLAT 5% Off
Alphabet S Bow NecklaceAlphabet S Bow Necklace
$ 318
Linear Multi Layer NecklaceLinear Multi Layer Necklace
Fashion Multi Layered
$ 457
Flared Blue Butterfly Diamond Necklace
$ 839

Dazzle in Spectacular Diamond Necklace

Necklaces have been worn to enhance the beauty of ones' neckline and has always been a chic form of diamond jewellery Traditional or western attire, a diamond necklace set can be easily matched with the dress of your choice. Diamond jewellery is treasured by everyone and is an evergreen form of jewellery worn by women and also kids nowadays. A diamond necklace is one of the most widely worn form of ornament, especially as evening wear as well as stylish everyday wear. A diamond necklace set can be a perfect gift for a loved one and a memorable one at that.

CaratLane has a stylish collection of diamond necklace designs for both women and kids, set in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. You can choose from specific necklace designs for wedding, evening, work wear, everyday wear, and desk to dinner. Look your shimmering best with your favourite diamond necklaces!

Flawless Range of diamond necklace designs

With more than 300 outstanding designs, CaratLane's range of diamond necklaces are available at a price range that varies between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 2,50,000. Make your pick from endless styles including bar necklace, lariat, Y necklace, mala, charms, long necklace, personalised and multi layered diamond necklaces. Select according to the diamond necklace price based on classic, contemporary, designer, fashion, floral, heart, religious, traditional, essentials, butterfly, cluster, knots, cut out, tassels, seven stone, alphabet or ethnic themes. Explore the exquisite selection of diamond necklaces for women and kids by CaratLane!

Traditional designs of diamond necklaces are every woman's first choice as wedding or evening wear. CaratLane has an attractive range of diamond necklaces for women.

  • Floral patterns such as the Bell Flower Necklace and the Amaryllis Necklace, both set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold are spectacular and shimmering designs of diamond necklaces for women.
  • Try the intricately designed Theo Leaf Bunch Necklace and the Celinda Cluster Necklace by CaratLane, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold.

A diamond necklace can be a perfect gift for a kid as their first jewel. Check out CaratLane's diamond necklaces for kids.

  • The animal inspired necklaces from the Wonderland collection is extremely sweet and creative. Try the Hurricane Hippo Necklace or the Bambi Deer Necklace, both set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold.
  • The Dainty Crown Diamond Necklace by CaratLane, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is another charming necklace for kids.

Work wear jewellery is as important as everyday wear for us, as we tend to spend more time in office. CaratLane brings forth diamond necklaces to add spice to your working days.

  • The Tivona Bar Necklace, set in 18 Kt Three Tone Gold or the Roma Bar Necklace from the Bombay Deco collection, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold are trendy diamond necklace designs for working women.
  • The Ana Star linked Necklace by CaratLane, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is another sleek yet stylish diamond necklace for women.

Fashionable themed diamond necklaces are a universally admired form of jewellery by women. CaratLane’s collection of trendy diamond necklaces must definitely be checked out!

  • The Eros Minaret Choker Necklace from the Bombay Deco collection, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is indeed a magnificent style of diamond necklace for women.

A diamond studded necklace for everyday wear is sought out for every woman. Diamond necklace designs for everyday wear are available in plenty on CaratLane.

  • Try the Ashley Seven Stone Necklace, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold, which is a classic pattern of a diamond necklace for women.
  • The Gary Snail Necklace from the Wonderland collection, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is a charming diamond necklace for kids.
  • The Angela Tassel Diamond Necklace from the Sway collection, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is another fashionable diamond necklace set for women.

Multi layered diamond necklaces are a stylish necklace design for women. Go bold with some interesting diamond necklace patterns available on CaratLane.   

  • Check out CaratLane's Victory Multi Layer Necklace, set in 18 Kt Rose Gold for an attractive look.
  • You must also try the Hexa Bar Multi Layer Necklace, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold for a spectacular look and make heads turn at a party!

Complete your evening look with a set of sparkling diamond necklace designs by CaratLane for women!

  • The Begonia Floweret Necklace, set in 18 Kt Rose Gold is an out of the world design of a floral inspired diamond necklace for women.
  • The flawless beauty of the Quad and Oval Two Row Necklace, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is spellbinding in the true sense.

Floral diamond necklaces are an all-time chart-topper among everyone. Try some of the very attractive floral designs of diamond necklaces for women by CaratLane!

  • The Sparkling Bloom Lotus Necklace or the Dew Drops Lotus Necklace from the Lotus collection, both set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold are extremely beautiful diamond necklaces for women.
  • The Bloom and Pear Necklace, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold is another dazzling piece of jewellery for women.

Buy Authentic Jewellery from CaratLane!

Enjoy shopping jewellery online from CaratLane, a renowned jewellery portal for all in India. It offers a hassle-free shopping experience of certified jewellery for its customers. The customers can make easy online payments through various modes of payment including net banking, debit/credit cards and online transfers. You can also avail its 30-day free return or lifetime exchange option besides the buy-back policy. CaratLane delivers jewellery which is certified for authenticity by third-party international laboratories like SGL, IGI, BIS, GIA, GSL, GSI and Variety Hallmark. You can also use its Try@Home facility to try your favourite ornaments at home before you purchase them. Buy the latest diamond necklaces online and share the experience!

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