18 Types of Rings Everyone Should Know

A ring is a piece of jewellery worn on the finger. Rings come in different materials, including metal, stone, glass, wood, and plastic. They are often decorated with jewels, engravings, or other ornamental designs. Rings are worn as a fashion accessory, a symbol of marriage or commitment, or a sign of religious faith. Each ring may have a special meaning and purpose. And some rings are worn for the sheer love of jewellery! Let’s look at a few different types to give you an idea of the variety you can find.

1. Wedding Rings 

Wedding rings are the most sought-after and are typically made of gold, silver, or platinum. Married couples wear them to symbolise their love and commitment and have them engraved with the partner’s name and the wedding date. They may be a part of the bridal ring set or a single brilliant ring with a circle of diamonds. Gold bridal sets, such as the Soosan Diamond Bridal Ring Set, are an easy choice to make. The Scintillating Diamond Bridal Ring Set will be perfect if you like white gold. 

2. Engagement Rings 

Engagement rings are worn by couples who are engaged to be married. It is also called a betrothal ring. Engagement rings can be a part of the wedding set, complementing the band. They are often made of the same material as wedding rings and are given when proposing to a loved one. The Ace of Hearts Diamond Ring speaks of your love and the heart that goes with it as you propose to your love. 

3. Promise Rings 

Promise rings, as defined, are symbols of implicit promise and loyalty. A couple not yet ready to be married but want to show their commitment to each other will present promise rings to each other. It is also a symbol of dedication, usually given during courtship, and seen as a pre-engagement ring. Promise rings may contain diamonds or other gemstones. Sometimes, they are worn by friends or family members who want to show their support for the relationship. Promise rings can be made of any material and are often inscribed with a message of love or friendship. A simple Knot Gold Ring is the promise you make to love forever before you tie the formal knot. 

Mutyaa Pearl Ring

Mutyaa Pearl Ring

Interwind Shimmer Diamond Ring

Interwind Shimmer Diamond Ring

Ella Classic Solitaire Ring

Ella Classic Solitaire Ring

Ally Cluster Diamond Ring

Ally Cluster Diamond Ring

4. Friendship Rings 

Friends wear friendship rings as a sign of their bond. They don’t necessarily require expensive metals or diamonds and gemstones. It is a ring that may be engraved with the words’ best friend forever”, “friendship”, or “friends forever” and may even be inscribed with the friends’ names or a special message. Or, they could add some quirky fun elements like the Smiley Midi Gold Ring

5. Family Rings 

Members of the same family wear family rings to signify their connection. They are often made of gold or silver and may carry the family name, crest, or coat of arms. It is passed down through generations. It is a symbol of the family’s history and heritage. The ring is usually made of gold or silver and may have diamonds or other precious stones. 

6. Birthstone Rings 

Birthstone rings feature the birthstone of the person wearing them. Birthstones are typically gemstones that are associated with your birth month. For example, the birthstone for January is Garnet, while the birthstone for June is Pearl. So, you should wear the Halo Pearl Birthstone Diamond Ring if your birthday falls in June.

7. Eternity Rings 

Eternity rings are rings that symbolise eternal love. They are often made of gold or platinum and have a continuous band of diamonds or other gems, like the Dew Eternity Diamond Band in yellow gold. Eternity rings are typically given to wives or girlfriends on special anniversaries, such as the birth of a child or the couple’s wedding anniversary. 

8. Stackable Rings 

Stackable rings are worn together or separately. Stackable rings are a popular choice for women who want to mix and match different rings to create their unique style. You can start with the Linear Stackable Diamond Ring and add other rings as you go along. 

9. Engraved or Name Rings 

Engraved rings have a message or design imprinted on them. Engraved rings are often given as gifts as a token of appreciation with a meaningful message engraved on them. These rings come under the personalised jewellery category, as you can also have names or initials engraved. A fine example of personalised ring is the Heart Personalised Gold Flexi Ring.

10. Butterfly Rings 

Who wouldn’t want to walk around with a butterfly on your finger? Butterfly rings come with rubies like the Butterfly Ruby Diamond Ring or the Flicker Butterfly Diamond Ring, with many tiny diamonds. They are light and showcase the creative spark in you. They make a modern fashion accessory and bring beauty to your everyday look. 

11. Lotus Rings 

Lotus rings make a creative and beautiful statement. They are often large and ornate. Lotus rings are a popular choice for women who want to add a touch of colour to their accessories. And the ring becomes a signature element of their style. Rings like the Magnificent Lotus Diamond Ring and the Allure Lotus Diamond Ring bring colour and sparkle to your finger.

12. Cocktail Rings 

A cocktail ring is dramatic and large, with a centrepiece attracting all attention. It is usually worn on the middle finger. As you can see from the Alluring Bloom Cocktail Diamond Ring, they come with a large centre stone and many smaller accent stones. They are perfect for a night out on the town, grand receptions, and special events. 

13. Antique Rings

There is something special and unique about antique rings. They are not only beautiful, but they also have a story to tell. It’s like a little piece of history. They’re also usually very well-made, with attention to detail that you don’t often see in today’s jewellery. Whether it is a piece of family history or an heirloom, the antique ring is a treasure. 

Another type of antique ring is the estate ring. Estate rings are passed down through families or found in antique stores. They are often made of precious metals and stones and can be very valuable. Many people wear estate rings to connect with their ancestors and keep their memories alive.

14. Contemporary Rings

A contemporary ring is trendy in current times. Contemporary rings are typically lightweight and less expensive than traditional rings, like the Elegant Shine Pearl Ring. They are also more likely to be made with alternative metals, such as silver or titanium. 

15. Solitaire Rings

A solitaire brings a big diamond to mind; even when there are other smaller gemstones around the centrepiece, it is the central stone in focus. The gem is usually a diamond, but it can also be another type of stone, such as a sapphire or ruby. The ring can be simple or elaborate, and the ring’s band can be made from yellow, white, or rose gold. The Selena Enticing Solitaire Ring is brilliant in white gold. So is the Estella Solitaire Ring in rose gold. You also have solitaire rings in silver and platinum. Solitaire rings are a popular choice for engagement rings and other types of rings, such as anniversary rings or birthday rings.

16. Princess-cut Rings

A princess-cut ring has a square-shaped diamond or other gemstones in the centre. The stone is cut to have sharp corners, which gives it an edgy and contemporary look. The ring is usually set in a metal band but can also be placed in a more delicate band, such as a gold or silver band, and the Princess Sapphire Diamond Ring is an outstanding example of a princess cut ring.

17. Silver Rings 

Silver rings are popular because they are affordable and look great with any outfit. Silver is versatile and can be polished to a high shine or left to develop a natural patina over time. Silver rings can be plain or adorned with gemstones, like the Silver Lotus Front Open Ring, making them a perfect style statement for those in love with silver jewellery. 

18. Evil Eye Rings 

Evil eye rings are worn as amulets to protect the wearer from evil glares caused by envy. The rings usually have a blue or black stone in the centre, like the Aurora Evil Eye Diamond Ring or the Divine Evil Eye Diamond Ring.

The above eighteen types of rings are by no means the only ones you will find. Therefore, we have whittled down the infinite variety of rings to make it easier to choose. The positive side to sifting through these mind-boggling designs is that you will find all you are looking for at CaratLane! 


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