06 May Personalised Jewellery: All you need to know

At the heart of it, jewellery is very personal and intrinsic to each one of us. The memory it holds, the reminder and symbol of a lifetime, the joy of a forever. Jewellery was handed down from generation to generation, a symbol of our roots and where we come from. Each piece is a design of history, of your family and a tale of their life. A lot of thought was given to the design of sets, either in gold or inlaid with precious gemstones. 

In today’s times, so much has changed over the past few decades as mass production of identical-looking jewellery pieces came into existence, leaving very little chance to wear one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. But there has also been a lot of innovation on how to personalise jewellery for modern-day keepsakes.

Categories of personalised jewellery

Jewellery designers have found creative ways to please their customers with unique jewellery pieces. They fall into different categories – customised, custom-made, sentimental, and one-of-a-kind.

  • Customised jewellery invites a little customer input and leaves a few alternatives, such as reversible or interchangeable insets. Customers can ask for specific gemstones, such as their birthstone or a lucky colour. They can also have designs that allow them to add a few charms or change an element or two from the main piece. 
  • On the other hand, custom-made jewellery is designed with complete customer input. The wearer decides on the metal, design, and choice of gems. These pieces of jewellery are made-to-order.
  • Feelings of nostalgia or affection inspire sentimental jewellery. They are often used to express particular feelings for or about someone. They could also be inspired by symbols representative of their family or memories of an old piece of jewellery that had been in their family at earlier times. 
  • One-of-a-kind jewellery may not be completely unique. But, it will have one or two unique elements that make them different. Customers make it personal by changing a few aspects of the design.

What makes it personal?

While there are several subcategories to personalised jewellery, what makes it personal is when a customer has some input into the design. Do you want to wear a bracelet or necklace with your name spelt out? Or, do you want to wear the initials of someone you love? Do you like silver jewellery more than gold? These choices are yours to make. You can pick and choose among the various necklace designs and add your name as the pendant. You can do this just as easily with bracelets. A minimalist gemstone necklace in 14 Kt gold can have your name engraved simply and elegantly. 


Personalised jewellery for kids

The best part of personalised jewellery is that it appeals to different age groups. Little ones can wear necklaces with names engraved on their favourite characters, like the Peppa personalised kid’s gold necklace

As for personalised bracelets, choices are abundant for anyone wanting to wear jewellery. Children can wear adjustable bracelets on their tiny wrists and show their collection by changing them from one day to the next. Little girls can sway with the Bubbles kids’ gold bracelet or twinkle with the stars. Little boys can look charming wearing their Steam Train kid’s gold bracelet or the Skyline kids’ gold bracelet. 

Personalised jewellery for women

You can wear alphabetised jewellery or have one designed for someone you love. Women of all age groups like to wear personalised jewellery. Be it a bracelet or a necklace, alphabet designs are pretty common. But, they can be made a tad personal with a gemstone or a charm. You can make it even more personal by adding your partner’s name to yours just to show you’re always together. Entwined hearts in a gold bracelet is a great way to make it your own expression of love. Personalised necklaces are aplenty, in the metal of your choice and designed to showcase your feelings or your personal interests. 

Personalised jewellery for men

From little boys to men, wearing a thin necklace or a bracelet is common. Infant boys are often given jewellery as gifts, with their names engraved. As they grow older, they may want to choose the pendant that shows their interests at a given age – from cars to planes or trains. They like to wear an adult version of name bracelets and alphabetised necklaces as they grow older. Many young men prefer silver to gold, and there is no shortage of designs for them. They may even like a couple of small diamonds on their wrist. More often than not, men like to wear Kadas, like the Gulzar gold Kada for men, and they will particularly enjoy having their names engraved on them. 

Creative jewellery designers appreciate hearing their customer’s ideas. It gives them a picture of the feelings behind the concept. Readily available names or even alphabets may be common. But, asking for something extra, like a different font, or plating, can change the common to the unique. Even mass-produced personalised jewellery with Mom or Dad can hold special meaning for someone. CaratLane offers generic jewellery that still feels personal because it is given as a gift. We also craft unique designs to cater to those wanting custom-made personalised jewellery. It is only a matter of what or how you want your jewellery to speak for you.

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