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Evil Eye Jewellery

Celebrities who love the evil eye trend

Mystical and stylish—this one’s a win-win!   If there’s a trend that jewellery charts can’t seem to get enough of, it’s the evil eye. Mystical,

Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone jewellery to the rescue…

…no matter what the occasion. Indulgence, especially when it comes to style, needn’t always be a luxury. You can just as easily make it a

V-Day Gifts

V-Day Gifts for Every Relationship

Because Cupid Isn’t Judgy! Got a man? Got a crush? Getting engaged? Reuniting with an ex? Reigniting your marriage? Whatever your plans this Valentine’s Day,

alternative V-Day date ideas

7 alternative V-Day date ideas

Show her you can think beyond the tried-and-tested. Candles and roses are cliché and serenading the lady with a romantic ballad is best left to

Jewellery Resolution

8 Jewellery Resolutions for 2016

Ones worth sticking to. We’ve all been through it before—the new year rolls around, we make feverish resolutions and vow that we’ll stick to them


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