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Charanya Ramesh

Woman on Top: Charanya Ramesh

Travelista Charanya Ramesh opens up her passport and travel log for us and gives us a glimpse into her globe-trotting lifestyle! “When in doubt, travel,”

Diamond Rings

The Spectacular Saga of Sparklers

Travel back in time to discover history’s most desirable diamond rings. History may not have been our favourite subject in school, but we can’t get

V-Day Dress Up

V-Day Edition: Dress to Impress

This Valentine’s Day, make jaws drop with our ‘feel fabulous’ checklist. The single most important day in the life of die-heart romantics, Valentine’s Day, especially

Diamond Jewellery for V-Day


What will be the best gift for yourself this Valentine’s Day: solitaires or sweets? We at CaratLane are all for loving thyself. We truly believe

Shilpa Chordia

After 8 Moments with Shilpa Chordia

Meet Shilpa Chordia When free-spirited and happy-go-lucky Shilpa Chordia is not spreading her zest for life, she works as a jewellery designer at A resident


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