12 Apr Reasons to buy gold this Akshaya Tritiya in India

Traditionally, Akshaya Tritiya is the day when Indians buy something in gold. The reason is that the value of gold never diminishes. True to the meaning of the word Akshaya, which in Sanskrit means everlasting or enduring, undiminishing in value. The story goes that the Akshaya Patra, or the Akshaya vessel, could never be emptied. How much ever you took out of the vessel, you found that there was always more to be found in it. Stretching this story into daily lives, Indians believe that buying gold on this auspicious occasion means that you will find something of such immense value that the value only increases and never diminishes. Akshaya Tritiya is a day that falls under the third lunar day in the month of Baisakh, which could be in April or May.

 In India, we buy any item in gold – gold coins, bars, or a piece of gold jewellery . Gold is pure and precious metal. Ergo, buying something in gold on Akshaya Tritiya means you get something special, and it is seen as a sign of prosperity. Leaving the epic Mahabharatha and the story of Akshaya Patra behind, gold is the preferred metal for practical reasons, too. Its capacity for high liquidity and inflation makes it an ideal investment. Physical gold remains one of the safest and most profitable assets you can acquire. 

There are several reasons why buying gold is the right investment. For instance,

Protection from inflation risks

Long-term inflation is always a risk if you make cash investments. But, investing in gold minimises inflation risk as gold almost consistently outperforms the inflation rate.

Saving for the future

While we save money through fixed deposits or invest in real estate, investing in gold has no downside. Physical gold investments guarantee a more stable return as the value doesn’t diminish.


One of the most important benefits of buying gold is that it can be converted to cash through traders when the price of gold goes high or when you are in urgent need of some money.

Zero maintenance

Gold items need little to no maintenance. They can stay in a locker for years, or if it is gold jewellery, they can be worn daily and still remain pure and of high value.

Loan against gold

It is common to borrow against your gold items due to their value. It is also one of the quicker ways to obtain cash as you can pledge them for a specific duration and get a loan from banks or other financial institutions.

Now that we have listed a few prosaic reasons for buying gold items on Akshaya Tritiya, we can explore the more inspired reasons to buy gold jewellery.

Wearable wealth

Gold jewellery is wealth that you can wear. You can buy gold earrings for the little ones, like the Lil clover kids’ gold earrings or the Floweret Cutout gold hoop earrings. While you are buying your little girl gold jewellery, why not get yourself the Sleek gold hoop earrings, too?   

Wearable wealth can be more than earrings. You have bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and rings

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be plain gold either. You can buy gold jewellery with diamonds or other gemstones. The Classic Fern gold ring is a true classic in design and style. 

The Charlotte 3 row gold bracelet is unique and contemporary. 

Symbol of purity

Gold has always been considered the purest of metals. We see gold items as a symbol of prosperity and purity. Regardless of the economic background, buying something in gold has been pursued either through monthly payments or direct payment. Some buy as few as one or two grams just to own a piece of gold. Most people settle for a gold coin as they come in varying weights but are made of 22 KT gold. You can also pick the 20g plain gold coin and use it to have personalised jewellery designed later. The best thing about gold coins is that you can convert them to cash when you need some quick money or use them to have jewellery made whenever a design catches your eye or leave it for the next generation to use as they will.

Religious significance

Akshaya Tritiya ushers in good times, and it is a day that can be celebrated by offering some form of worship. Gold is associated with the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. A 5g, 22Kt Lakshmi Gold Coin can be the start of your gold collection. It would be an auspicious beginning to start this Akshaya Tritiya by buying a Lucky Ganesha gold coin. Many believe that it is the perfect way to invite prosperity into your homes.

Buying gold jewellery to own and wear needs no reason at all. Still, we have just given you a few reasons why you should set aside some money this month and watch for the phenomenal discounts and offers from CaratLane that will come your way ahead of Akshaya Tritiya this year. Bring home the prosperity you deserve.

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