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Gleaming Paisley RingGleaming Paisley Ring
Gold Women Ring
$ 84 $ 93
Flat 10% off
Sini Halo RingSini Halo Ring
Chain Rings Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 269 $ 285
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Orna Corona RingOrna Corona Ring
Fashion Diamond Women Ring
$ 275 $ 343
Flat 20% off
Flavia Droplet RingFlavia Droplet Ring
Chain Rings Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 203 $ 222
Flat 20% off on Diamond Prices
Iris Pear RingIris Pear Ring
Diamond Women Ring
$ 213 $ 234
Flat 20% off on Diamond Prices
Kiara Stamped RingKiara Stamped Ring
Chain Rings Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 253 $ 279
Flat 20% off on Diamond Prices

Stylize Your Looks with Chain Rings

Rings are a classic and age-old style of wearing jewellery for both men and women. With changing trends, new patterns and styles have taken over the traditional ring design to new heights. From sleek and simple rings, new trends are welcoming broad and bold designs such as the chain rings for women. Modern designs of rings have led to a creative innovation of the chain rings. A chain ring is a creative take to the traditional ring and chain design. Chain rings are a unique union of a traditional band with a chain. CaratLane is a part of the creative endeavour and boasts of a stunning selection of chain rings for women available online.

An Array of Designer Chain Rings

Chain rings can be a universal style of rings for women, as it can be great for evening wear as well as for everyday wear. Fashionable rings have replaced the traditional style of gold rings as evening wear, with cocktail rings, chain rings and designer rings. CaratLane's outstanding designs of chain rings is priced from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000, set in yellow gold. A contemporary ring design, the chain rings are a fashionable style of rings for women who like to try new types of jewellery. The combination of gemstones and the trendy pattern of chain rings, renders the rings a striking look. CaratLane has put together a smart range of chain rings for women to choose from.

  • Pure yellow gold and diamonds are a classic combination and a style loved by all women. The hexagon-shaped Kiara Stamped Ring from the Gold Struck collection, set in 18K Yellow Gold with diamonds is a stunning designer ring for women by CaratLane. The ring can be matched with traditional as well as western outfits.
  • The oval-shaped chain rings from CaratLane's Stitched collection are delicate and stylish. Studded with a gemstone and surrounded by diamonds, the Sini Halo Ring and the Orna Corona Ring, both set in 18K Yellow Gold with diamonds and a double chain are beautiful chain rings.
  • A pear or a tear-drop shaped gemstone surrounded with diamonds is a sparkling design of chain rings for women. The Flavia Droplet Ring, the Bianca Sparkle Ring and the Iris Pear Ring from the Stitched collection by CaratLane, all set in 18K Yellow Gold with diamonds are breath-taking designs of chain rings for women.

CaratLane's Creative Jewellery Designs

CaratLane is touching new heights with its new and creative designs of jewellery for men and women both. 100% certified jewellery and great designs at the right prices, the portal provides a user-centric site. It promises a hassle-free online shopping experience through its multiple payment modes such as net banking, debit/credit cards or online funds transfers. It allows a 30-day period for free return and a lifetime exchange policy. Try your chosen ornaments at home before making the final payments through its Try@home facility. Enjoy a great online jewellery shopping time at CaratLane!

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