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Tendril Green Butterfly Diamond Necklace
$ 446
Butterfly Swarm NecklaceButterfly Swarm Necklace
$ 510
V-Drop Orange Butterfly Necklace
$ 593
V-Drop Green Butterfly Necklace
$ 587
Lia Cutout NecklaceLia Cutout Necklace
Butterfly Y Necklace
$ 327
Sue Butterfly Cutout NecklaceSue Butterfly Cutout Necklace
$ 419
V-Drop Blue Butterfly Necklace
$ 585
Flared Green Butterfly Necklace
$ 878

Exclusive Butterfly Necklace Designs

Our latest collection draws on the beautiful journey of butterflies to celebrate the woman of today. The woman who is free to express herself, bold to go after her dreams and strong to embrace her true identity, flaws included.

Crafted in 18 KT yellow gold, we've used the technique of shaded enamelling with diamonds and coloured stones to create exquisite pieces for the women of today. This collection has 16 designs, all of which are made in gold and enamelled in vibrant hues. It includes butterfly necklaces with prices starting at Rs. 21,000.

Vibrant and full of life, the butterfly designs come in beautiful shades of blue, orange and green to represent the unique identities of the modern woman. Along with butterfly rings, butterfly necklaces are our most popular designs. These Butterfly Necklaces for women encapsulate the graceful movements of the butterfly and breathe life into the design, making it as dynamic as you are.

An attractive gold necklace or diamond necklace can be a confidence-enhancer too. It makes a woman not just look but also feel pretty. The Sue Butterfly Cutout Necklace and the Lia Cutout Necklace with intricate butterflies and flowers of gold are perfect for those who’re looking for delicate gold jewellery that’s minimal.

Speaking of diamonds, one can never go wrong with a dainty diamond necklace, especially the Butterfly Swarm Necklace which features three little butterflies in 18 Kt Gold with diamonds.

The Flared Blue Butterfly Necklace, the Tendril Blue Butterfly Necklace as well as the V Drop Butterfly Necklace are a true representation of the butterfly’s grace and finesse. You can buy your own butterfly necklace on CaratLane.com or in our stores.

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