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Solitary Pearl NecklaceSolitary Pearl Necklace
$ 158 $ 170
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Victory Multi Layer NecklaceVictory Multi Layer Necklace
Diamond Multi Layered
$ 483
Lesley Cutout NecklaceLesley Cutout Necklace
Cut Out
$ 203 $ 209
Flat 10% off on Making Charges
Ashley Seven Stone NecklaceAshley Seven Stone Necklace
$ 989
Sequenced Pearl NecklaceSequenced Pearl Necklace
$ 179 $ 190
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Majestic Blue Butterfly Lariat NecklaceMajestic Blue Butterfly Lariat Necklace
Diamond Lariat
$ 1,455
Triona Bouquet Diamond NecklaceTriona Bouquet Diamond Necklace
$ 266 $ 267
Flat 5% off on Diamond Prices
Lupine Wood Grain NecklaceLupine Wood Grain Necklace
$ 1,039
Station Pearl NecklaceStation Pearl Necklace
$ 175 $ 190
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Elva 4 Layered NecklaceElva 4 Layered Necklace
Gold Mala
$ 1,759
Elle Interlooped Cutout NecklaceElle Interlooped Cutout Necklace
$ 216 $ 220
Flat 5% off on Making Charges
Amer Ornate Lawn Necklace
$ 501
Bhavan Circular Diamond Necklace
$ 1,110
Anna Heartbeat Diamond Necklace
$ 151 $ 156
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Royalty Peacock Diamond NecklaceRoyalty Peacock Diamond Necklace
$ 718
Ivy Leaf NecklaceIvy Leaf Necklace
$ 2,159
Sophia Rose NecklaceSophia Rose Necklace
$ 207 $ 213
Flat 10% off on Making Charges
Kalka Wired NecklaceKalka Wired Necklace
$ 3,455
Cherelle Marquis NecklaceCherelle Marquis Necklace
Classic Casual Necklace
$ 280 $ 285
Flat 5% off on Diamond Prices
Krishna Bansuri NecklaceKrishna Bansuri Necklace
$ 574
Macie Cutout NecklaceMacie Cutout Necklace
Cut Out Y Necklace
$ 196 $ 198
Flat 5% off on Making Charges
Paisley NecklacePaisley Necklace
$ 1,979

Combining Sophistication and Elegance to create Inspiring Necklace Designs

Women love to look their best, whether at work or a party and manage to do so with the help of clothes, accessories and of course, jewellery. While the hands receive utmost attention and are pampered with rings, bracelets and bangles, women are extremely particular when it is time to adorn the face and neck area. It is here that CaratLane helps women to choose the best for themselves, with a massive range of necklaces for women in their online store. The collection of designer necklaces are created keeping in mind the beauty and grace of Indian women, bringing out the best of designs that are both traditional and modern.

Jewellery for women is not always about glitz and glamour since a woman loves to project a simple yet elegant look, thus making her personality every woman's dream. It also becomes the best route to showcase your best side to the outside world, as elegant necklace designs prettify long and slender necks that women possess. Use the quickest way to possess some of the most attractive and good-looking necklaces by shopping from home at CaratLane's online store in a safe and convenient way.

Adorn your neck with exquisite jewellery par excellence Gold Necklaces for Women:

CaratLane makes shopping for necklaces a breeze, given that its online store is packed with more than 190 gorgeous looking designs. Every woman would feel the craving for more as they browse through these necklace designs for women, imagining themselves wearing them. The quick and efficient management works with precision timing as you choose your favourite necklace and it reaches your home in a quick and seamless delivery. What's more, the attractive price band for these bewitching beauties begin from Rs 7000 and reach upto Rs 300,000.

The Briti Beaded Gold Necklace for women has an eye-catching look you won't be able to resist for long and will want to make it a part of your already burgeoning jewellery collection.

Dazzle with the latest Diamond Necklaces for Women collection online:

There is so much to look at when one visits the CaratLane store and don't be surprised if you lose track of time as you browse through one exclusive necklace design after another. Your thirst for quality diamond necklaces will be satiated here, but not before putting you into a quandary about selecting the perfect ornament for the occasion. Diamonds are a girl's best friends and women realize this when they see the mind-boggling collection CaratLane has to offer. The delicate looking designs are topped with a solitaire and are set in a variety of gold like two tone, three tone, yellow gold and white gold, thus enhancing the beauty and class of the solitaire diamond.

A diamond necklace can be worn at various occasion and beautifully complements the outfit you are wearing, be it an elegant looking saree, a relaxed evening gown or even a formal suit that one wears at work. Its delicate and tantalizing design ensures that it balances every outfit and highlights your beauty in a muted and subtle manner. Go for the traditional designs CaratLane specializes in when you plan to take your special one's breathe away in a beautifully draped, graceful saree, as the ethnic look is further heightened without much effort on your part.

Variety and exclusivity go hand-in-hand with CaratLane's necklace range

Pearl necklaces are a fashion statement unto themselves as they can be worn to complement an elegant evening gown or a bright coloured floral dress. CaratLane offers the right ruby necklaces for the right occasion, so choose carefully and face the world with confidence. It is quite easy to stand out in a crowd by selecting a matching necklace that adds grace and charm to your dazzling personality in a quiet and understated way.

The brand gives special attention to the comfort of the wearer and this helps you to carry on unhindered through your work day or a long party night. Your taste and choice is of special importance here as a host of modern and traditional designs are available for every occasion you choose to wear them for. Watch out for the Pearl Jharokha Necklace that is a bestseller due to its stunning looks and resplendent looks, while being set in 22K Yellow Gold.

Advantages of buying from CaratLane

Latest designs, top-notch Quality and the Best price is the hallmark of every single item that is a part of CaratLane's exquisite creation of necklaces. Apart from the unending options it offers to the buyers, it has been at the forefront of creating newer trends in the world of jewellery, right from its inception. The customer is guaranteed a seamless and hassle-free process while purchasing a product from the exclusive range on its portal with quick online payments through credit, debit cards or internet banking.

Leading international certifying Laboratories like GSI, BIS, SGL, IGI, GIA and GSL back the jewellery for its authenticity. The amazing Try@Home option makes shopping easy and you are assured of making the right choice from the comfort of your home. Return or exchange the jewellery without much of a hassle, in case you change your mind about the choice you have made. The detailed description of every product with clear-cut prices mentioned alongside make shopping online at CaratLane a real pleasure.

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