Shopping at CaratLane is now even more rewarding

  • Earn encircle points for every Rs. 1000 spent (on non-discounted designs)
  • Shop more and upgrade your tier to boost your rewards
  • Redeem your points on CaratLane or any of Titan’s brand stores.
  • Enjoy exclusive privileges.

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Get Started

  • If you are an existing Titan encircle member, you will now start earning encircle points for all your purchases on CaratLane (and redeem them as well). To redeem your points, choose ‘Redeem encircle Points’ at the time of payment

  • If you are not a member yet, you will become eligible for an encircle account the moment you make a purchase from us or other Titan brands.

Tier Based Rewards

  • Points shown here are for every Rs. 1000 spent

    Plain Gold Jewellery
    Studded Jewellery
    Watches & Accessories
    3 pts
    6 pts
    10 pts
    5 pts
    14 pts
    20 pts
    7 pts
    20 pts
    30 pts

Wish to Upgrade?

There are two ways for you to get an upgrade:

  • By earning more points

    Points required
    500 pts
    500 pts
  • Or, if your bill value in a single day meets the following criteria:

    Watches, Eyewear & Accessories
    Gold Tier : Rs 100,000 – Rs 299,999
    Gold Tier : Rs 10,000 – Rs 19,999
    Platinum Tier : Rs 300,000 & above
    Platinum Tier : Rs 20,000 & above

More Perks

  • Birthday/Anniversary:

    Get exclusive treats on your special days with exclusive offers which can be availed at Tanishq, Fastrack, World of Titan, Helios and Titan EyePlus. Please note birthday/anniversary offers are not applicable on CaratLane.

  • Encircle First:

    As an encircle member, you are entitled to free cleaning services across jewellery, watches, and eyewear.

  • Encircle Services:

    Get exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming launches, and be the first to know about upcoming offers. Enjoy special discounts!

  • Gift Points:

    Not sure of what to gift? You can always gift your encircle points and let them choose what they like.


  1. What is the enrolment process?

    Anyone can become an encircle member by shopping at any of the Titan brand stores ( including CaratLane) & e-commerce website. Option will be available on CaratLane site on order confirmation page. All members will be enrolled to Silver tier as their base tier.
    On enrolment, a membership number will be assigned to each customer and his unique registered mobile number will be mapped against his membership. Customer Name and Mobile number are mandatory for enrolment.

  2. What are the types of encircle Tiers?:

    Silver, Gold & Platinum

    Points earning excluding bonus points required for Tier upgrade

    Gold tier : 500 points
    Platinum Tier: 3000 points

    Every point will be updated to customer account within 90 days of the transaction on CaratLane.

    Earned Points are valid for 2 years + month end from the date of last transaction. For e.g.: 2nd Jan 2015 earned points will expire on 31st Jan 2017 if no transaction made before Jan 2017. If the member does 2nd transaction on 1st Dec 2015 then the total points will get expired on 31 Dec 2017. Points/tier will be calculated at the end of the day and new Tier will start from next day.

  3. Is there a way to quickly upgrade my tier?

    You can also upgrade your tier by shopping below mentioned amount in a single bill or cumulative amount shopped on multiple invoices in a particular brand channel on the same day.

    You have to buy Jewellery ranging from Rs 100,000 - Rs 299,999 to quickly upgrade to Gold tier or Same Member can upgrade to Platinum tier by buying a Jewellery of Rs 300,000 & above.
    You can also buy a watches/eye wear ranging from Rs 10,000 - 19,999 to quickly upgrade to Gold tier or you can even upgrade to Platinum tier by buying a watch/eye wear of Rs 20,000 & above. Tier will be valid for two years from the date of last upgrade.

  4. What is the process of earning points?

    Points can be earned by shopping at any of the Titan brand stores & ecommerce websites. While paying for anything you purchase, you have to provide your encircle registered mobile number, upon which your account will be credited with points as per your respective tier and slabs. Points will be calculated at the back end system.

    No Points rewarding for discounted products or on products where coupon code is applied.
    Incase of 30 day exchange transactions, members will earn points only on additional value (money paid by customer over and above the exchange value)

  5. What is the process of redeeming encircle points on CaratLane?

    Registered Titan encircle members can redeem their available points on the payment page. Look for 'redeem encircle points' option on the page.

    There are no minimum points required for redemption.
    Keep your registered mobile number which is mapped with encircle membership with you. Authorization code (OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile number for all redemption, without which redemption will not be allowed.

  6. What will happen to customer points when Goods are returned (GRN process)?

    When goods are returned points will be debited based on the points earned - as per your transacted tier, and not on the lowest tier. If an order is returned, points will be reversed 45 days from the day of dispatch of the order. Incase of exchange points will be not be refunded. Your invoice value of the original order will be adjusted in the new order. Whatever remaining amount is there can be paid through any of our payment medium including encircle.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership is voluntary and open to Indian citizens based in India only and shall be recognized only through concerned Indian mobile numbers of members/family members enrolled and as registered with Titan encircle.
  2. No physical membership cards will be issued to the customers/members/family members.
  3. While making purchases at CaratLane, Tanishq, Zoya, MIA, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eye plus & Taneira outlets across India, mention encircle membership number or registered mobile number at the time of checkout. Points will be credited only when membership number is provided while making the payment.
  4. Please note that the purchase of gold bars & silver articles are excluded from the Titan encircle program.
  5. Incase of Gold weight difference or Diamond Weight difference, excess amount will be credited to your bank account.
  6. Reward points can be redeemed at CaratLane, Tanishq, Zoya, MIA, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eye plus, Taneira outlets across India & Company's ecommerce website. The value of one point is equal to Rupee 1. However, reward points cannot be redeemed for cash. Members will be required to present the membership number/mobile number at the time of redemption of the reward points for offline purchase. Customer required to link his/her encircle membership number with his/her account profile in Company's E-commerce website to redeem encircle points.
  7. By signing the enrolment form or enrolling through Company's e-commerce website you agree that you have read the terms & conditions that govern the Titan encircle program and that you accept them.
  8. The encircle reward Points issued by Company to the members/family members are free and is without any consideration to be payable by member/family members who is/are enrolled. The allotment & redemption of reward points will be solely at the discretion of Company and no right created to the Customer/member/family member and is a privilege given to a customer/member/family member.
  9. One Time Password is mandatory for redeeming the available points so customer should carry their registered mobile number while redeeming encircle points at Company's' outlet. OTP will be sent to their registered mobile number while billing is done & the same should be shared with cashier for point redemption.
  10. The reward points will be credited in valid member's Encircle account within 90 days from the day of purchase for orders placed at CaratLane Retail outlet or CaratLane website/app to reflect However, Titan Company Ltd. shall not be responsible for any delay in having the reward points credited into the member's account.
  11. Reward points will be given on invoice value net of encircle points redeemed.
  12. Titan encircle membership will be active for 36 months from the date of the customer’s last transaction at any of the Titan brands (in-store or online). Customers will have to enroll as a new member if they return after 36 months from the last day or purchase.
  13. Reward points & Tiers will be valid for 24 months from the month of last transaction. If not redeemed within 24 months from the date of last accrual, at the end of the 24th month, such reward points shall lapse. However, subject to the validity mentioned herein, in case of gift of reward points, by a member to his family and friends, the validity is only for 6 (Six) months from the date of such gift.
  14. For details of Tiers, details of earning of points and upgrading of the Tiers please refer to and Titan Company Limited reserves the right to change/modify the terms and conditions of Tiers, its applicability and up gradation thereof from time to time.
  15. Titan encircle membership will be issued solely at the discretion of the management and the final decision on all matters relating to the membership shall rest with Titan Company Ltd.
  16. This membership is not valid for the staff of Titan Company Ltd., unless specially approved.
  17. At the sole discretion of the Company, all special offers, updates & account activity details will be communicated to the respective encircle Primary Member/Family Member/his/her Friend through SMS, direct mail and/or email. However, Company shall not be responsible in any manner for any loss, delayed, incorrect or incomplete communications.
  18. Members are requested to update any change in their address and profile from time to time. Contact the Titan encircle desk at our outlets or write to: Netcarrots Loyalty Services, ‘Legacy’, 6, Convent Road, 1st Floor, Richmond Road, Bangalore-560025, India. Email: to update any change in their address and profile other than mobile number. Members are required to send a communication from their registered email id to our customer care help desk at or make a call to helpdesk 18001084826 to update any change in their mobile number.
  19. Company reserves the right to change, cancel and modify the terms & conditions, reward structure relating to the Titan encircle Program including discontinuation of the program itself. Company will not be held responsible if any of the participating brands withdraw from the Titan encircle program.
  20. In the event of a dispute between Primary Member and Company and/or between Family Member/Friend of Primary Member and Company, with regard to or in relation to the Titan encircle program, the decision of Company shall be deemed final. All such disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Bangalore only.
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