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The Beginning

CaratLane was founded with a refreshing and courageous objective – to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable.

How do we know that there’s a need for us? Simple.

 We spoke to hundreds of women across the country and we discovered that they were forced to choose between expensive jewellery for special occasions, and everyday jewellery that was of inferior quality and was not keeping pace with their changing lifestyle needs. The reason: they did not have access to stylish fine jewellery for everyday wear. We started CaratLane to change this - to make modern designs that can make women not just look, but feel beautiful, everyday!

And Now

Since July 2016, we joined forces with India’s most desired and largest jewellery brand, Tanishq, through a strategic investment made by Titan Company in CaratLane. This takes us another step closer to achieving our shared mission - to make beautiful jewellery accessible to everyone.

Our strong online footprint is now complemented by our growing store presence. With over 30 stores across the country, we are perhaps the world’s first truly omni-channel jewellery brand.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make beautiful jewellery accessible. Jewellery that not only makes a woman look beautiful, but also make her feel beautiful and loved.


Our Promise

We started our company on three simple premises:

  • Our style is relentlessly modern, yet intensely respectful of traditions.
  • We always look for better and newer ways to do things - from the designs that we make, to the experiences that we deliver.
  • We are open in our interactions with our customers. Our prices and policies are always transparent.

CaratLane Advantage

When buying at CaratLane, you can always be assured of the highest quality standards. Every piece of jewellery is meticulously crafted with utmost care. It goes through a thorough quality check and is then taken through a third party certification.

Shop with Confidence

  • 100% Certified
  • 15-Day Money Back
  • Lifetime Exchange
  • Free Insured Shipping
  • Pay as You Like

Our Roots

October 2008

The Inception

Mithun Sacheti and Srinivasa Gopalan founded CaratLane with a simple mission -to make beautiful jewellery more accessible, affordable and forever wearable.

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April 2012

Launch of our first retail store

Taking the vision of creating a first-ever omni-channel jewellery brand, we opened doors to customers in Delhi in the bustling market of Greater Kailash.

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April 2012

Launch of Try@Home Services

In another first, we introduced a unique Try@Home feature which allows you try on your favourite jewellery in the comfort of your own home!

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April 2015

Introduced Same-Day Shipping

Taking the next evolutionary step in logistics, we introduced same-day shipping for our online customers; a first for a jewellery e-tailer.

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July 2015

Introduced International Shipping

In response to demands from our global customers, we introduced international shipping from India to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

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August 2015

Launch of Perfect Look App

We launched the world’s first-ever jewellery virtual try-on app – the Perfect Look App – which enables you to try on multiple earrings without literally, having to putting them on.

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July 2016

Strategic Investment by Titan

We joined forces with Tanishq, India’s most desired and largest jewellery brand through a strategic investment by the Titan Company

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Our Team

Our roots are digital; our passion is contagious and most importantly, our people are the most creative, inspiring, dedicated people you'll ever meet.

  • mithun-sacheti

    Mithun Sacheti

    Founder & CEO

  • avnish

    Avnish Anand

    Co-Founder & Business Head

  • Guru


    Co-founder, SVP Technology & HR

  • Atul

    Atul Sinha

    SVP, Marketing & Retail Sales

  • Akrosh

    Aakrosh Sharma

    SVP, Merchandising & Fulfilment

The Creative Process

Our designs always come with a unique CaratLane touch through innovative designs or techniques, or both. Uncover our jewellery-making process, from inspiration to the final piece.

  • sketch


    The process of creating our jewellery begins with an inspiration or an insight. At this stage, our designers blend their ideas and inspirations and turn them into a sketch.

  • Moulding


    This is when the sketches go from an idea to a physical form. From creating CAD designs to using 3D technology to create wax models; each sketch breathes in life with physical prototypes.

  • Casting


    The wax moulds are used to create an inverse mould over which liquid gold is poured and casted to bring the designs to life in their golden form. This is followed by polishing and buffing.

  • Setting


    At this stage, our craftsmen handpick the right stones based on your selection. They skilfully file the diamonds for maximum sparkle and ensure that they sit perfectly on their setting.

  • Finishing


    Once the stones are set, our craftsmen polish the metals till they achieve the right lustre. Then they apply the desired finish and texture, after which they add the finer details.

  • Quality Check

    Quality Check

    At this stage, every piece of jewellery is carefully assessed and examined. Our strict and detail oriented QC experts make sure that your jewellery adheres to the highest quality standards.

Our Collections

Our collections represent the essence of our design approach. Always wearable, never shouting. Of course, some are more on the celebratory side, while others reflect an everyday allure.

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Who We Are

We are makers, crafters, designers, storytellers and creators – inspired by the idea of transforming the jewellery buying and wearing experience in India. And at the heart of everything we do is our unrelenting drive to make beautiful jewellery accessible. It’s the reason why we love rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work.

How We Work

We are a unique company, run by a unique set of individuals. We encourage a place of work where trust and transparency are crucial. We began operations from a small corner in Chennai and today, we have offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Today we are 500 employees strong with an average age of 30.


What you can Achieve

  • Empowering Entrepreneurial Spirit: Whatever your role is, we’ll encourage you to reinvent and reinvigorate; achieving the best for CaratLane and you.
  • Celebrating Your Contribution: We recognise and reward everyone who approach their job with true passion, and drive performance.
  • The Best of Tanishq and CaratLane: Work with a disruptive, new-age omni-channel brand, while being a part of India's most trustworthy organisation - the Tata Group.

Shine With Us

A beautiful career is the best accessory of your life. Come join us.

Email: careers@caratlane.com

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