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Flitter Blue Butterfly Ear Cuffs
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 378
Adeal Butterfly Hoop EarringsAdeal Butterfly Hoop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Hoops and Huggies
$ 202 $ 209
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Butterfly Love EarringsButterfly Love Earrings
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 247 $ 251
Flat 5% off on Diamond Prices
Pinion Blue Butterfly Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 593
Flutter Blue Butterfly Sui Dhaga
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 499
Perched Blue Butterfly Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 436
Tiny Butterfly Stud EarringsTiny Butterfly Stud Earrings
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 169 $ 172
Flat 5% off on Diamond Prices
Gleaming Butterfly Stud EarringsGleaming Butterfly Stud Earrings
14 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 74 $ 78
Flat 5% off
Flitter Green Butterfly Ear Cuffs
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 387
Flutter Orange Butterfly Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 444
Butterfly Swarm Drop EarringsButterfly Swarm Drop Earrings
Butterfly Diamond Sapphire Earrings
$ 665
Pinion Green Butterfly Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 574
Jasmine Cutout Sui DhagaJasmine Cutout Sui Dhaga
Butterfly Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 307 $ 364
Flat 50% off on Making Charges
Classic Butterfly Drop EarringsClassic Butterfly Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 384
Perched Green Butterfly Stud Earrings
Butterfly Diamond Pearl Earrings
$ 426
Tendril Orange Butterfly Hoop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Hoops and Huggies
$ 521
Arlette Butterfly Stud EarringsArlette Butterfly Stud Earrings
Butterfly Gold Earrings
$ 82 $ 90
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Flutter Blue Butterfly Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 443
Tendril Blue Butterfly Hoop Earrings
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 519
Encircle Blue Butterfly Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 608
Butterfly Ruby EarringsButterfly Ruby Earrings
Butterfly Diamond Ruby Earrings
$ 368
Flutter Sparkle EarringsFlutter Sparkle Earrings
18 Kt White Gold Studs and Tops
$ 305

Capturing the Beauty of Butterfly through Unique Ear Embellishments

What a novel way to revel in the beauty of nature when you have umpteen choices in the shape of butterfly earrings! Majorly attracting women with an ardent affinity to the different elements of nature, these finely crafted gold earrings are a pleasure not only to the wearer in question but also to the onlookers in general. Such is the dainty of these uniquely styled earrings for women enlisted on Caratlane; the online jewellery shopping destination. Gone are the days when you ran from pillar to post scouting for attractive fashion earrings. Now is the age of online shopping to bring home your choicest modern jewellery creations? Enabling women to satiate their unique longings for fashion jewellery, Caratlane through its earrings online collection comes as a supporter of quality and affordability. And if you are of the opinion that these creations are especially meant for women, you will be surprised to find a category of earrings meant for kids as well.

Metallic Variants Add Sheen to Winged Creations

As if bestowing the wearer the wings to fly high with a sense of pride, every creation tagged under the head of butterfly earrings is worthy of a special mention. Majorly crafted with purity standards of 18K and 14K, the long list of earring variants come in the form of yellow, white and rose gold earrings for women. Crafted to perfection is the stunning appeal bestowed by Winsome Butterfly Hoop Earrings made from 14K rose gold. You cannot resist the appealing look of Butterfly Dew Drop Earrings, tapering with a pair of dew drops studded with diamonds.

The Luxury of Multiple Earring Styles

Caratlane, through its “try at home” feature, ensures the complete satisfaction of online shoppers. Addressing their beauty queries whether a pair o gold stud earrings, chandelier earrings or hoop earrings compliments the contours of their faces, a complete assortment of earrings for girls makes it the one-stop-shop for all your jewelled desires. Indulge in Adeal Yellow Jacket Earrings sporting a huge butterfly accompanied by a row of glittering diamonds running through the centre.

Precious Earrings Matching Different Occasions

Essentially tagged under the head of evening earrings is the Butterfly Swarm Drop Earrings made from 18K white gold. Presenting an out-of-the-world look to the wearer, these ornaments studded with diamonds mirror an exclusivity that comes alive through the amalgamation of white and yellow gold. Looking for daily wear butterfly shaped earrings? Then your search ends with Caratlane which presents an exciting range of Arlette Butterfly Stud Earrings that are simple yet unique

Invest in a Pair of Affordable Earrings for Your Little Bundle of Joy

Daughters are a pleasure for life! And if you want to reinforce the love you have for your little wonder, choose from an exciting gifting collection of butterfly shaped earrings for kids. One such creation is the Tiny Butterfly Stud Earrings that can be chosen for your delicate daughter. These gold stud earrings for babies which are free from sharp edges come in as safe and attractive ornaments that can be ordered by proud parents.

The concept of affordability comes to the fore when you have the advantage of zeroing in on a particular ornament according to its price range; those ranging between Rs.10000 and Rs. 20000. The size of the earrings is another determining factor for these ornaments to be ordered especially when the earlobes of babies are very small. For all such requirements, butterfly shaped earrings which are petite can become the top choice of parents. The presence of regular sized earrings thus assists women to pick these as well for their personal use.

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