About Our Collections

Our collections are a reflection of our intrigue towards creating art that can be worn everyday. Inspired by the rich history of India and the diversity of cultures, each design is crafted to perfection by our master-craftsmen.


Butterfly collection celebrates a woman’s transformation into her authentic self - free to express herself, bold to go after her dreams and strong to embrace her true identity, flaws included. Vibrant and full of life, the butterflies come in shades of blue, orange and green to represent three unique identities of the modern woman. Pick a butterfly that matches yours!


The collection marvels at the artistic pattern of wood grains, the exquisitely entangled roots, and the curvaceous leaves of the tree. The fine details that form this wonder of nature are translated into mesmerising designs.


This collection brings a skilful combination of gold, diamonds and enamels in shades of blue, green and yellow. An enamel shading technique is used to gracefully capture the colours & elegance of the peacock, and diamonds are embedded to enhance the beauty of every design in this collection. We add a little modern elegance to your ethic outfit, for a perfect, timeless fusion.


Inspired by the graceful symmetry of the 'Mandalas', an age-old art form, we played around with soft curves, straight lines and sharp angles to design a styling partner which is perfect from every angle.


From the twists and the pirouettes to the grace and the romance, we’ve crafted the essence of ballet into fine jewellery. With luxurious diamonds and gorgeous pearls that lend a classic finesse to the collection, elegance takes centre stage with Ballet.

Royal Romance

Royal Romance moulds the love for extravagance into fine jewellery you’ll want to wear on all your special days. The elegant pearls, beautiful diamonds and rose-cut gemstones come together in the form of intricate floral motifs.


This collection is inspired by the fashion fundamental; weave. We’ve woven our story in gorgeous interlaced golden thread and strokes of diamond. You’ll see earrings in plain weave, cocktail rings in twill and bracelets in entwined weave. Chic and modern, every design celebrates this understated essential with a glamorous twist.


Each design in this collection unites the iconic symbol of strength and determination with the legendary art of Gulabi Meenakari. Explore the perfect blend of white strokes on pink enamel which captures your blooming spirit in all its glory!

Ombre 2.0

This collection captures the essence of the most captivating scenic beauties, in seven vivid shades of natural sapphires. With vibrant designs inspired by the soothing blue shades of the waves hitting the shore to the enchanting pink shades of the evening sky, Ombré is designed to mesmerise.


Drawing from the pure and divine nature of West Bengal’s own iconic art form - Sholapith, this collection embodies the spirit which makes you, you.


Inspired by graceful rhythm and designed with the passion of this dance form, the TANGO collection is a perfect visual embodiment of vibrant energy & style.

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