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Blue topaz gemstone

The Greeks believed that topaz has the ability to provide strength and power in times of need. Today, topaz is a gemstone, not only have a long history of legends attached to it, but also various healing properties curing ailments of the wearer. This gemstone is supposed to carry properties including providing emotional support, eliminating negativity and bringing in truth and wisdom. The traditional birthstone for December, blue topaz also symbolises long life.

Exquisite, unique and classy, Blue Topaz gemstone equates loyalty, friendship, spirituality and strength

Believed to come from the Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’, which means fire, Topaz comes in a variety of colours white, yellow, orange, brown, blue and pink. The sky-blue hue being the most popular for jewellery designs. Versatile in nature, it can be cut and crafted in a wide variety of shapes and styles. High-quality topaz gemstones will have bright colour and good transparency. Caratlane offers a range of blue topaz jewellery for women. Be it a pair of earrings in blue topaz or blue topaz pendant set, this gemstone is enough to bring sparkle and shine to any occasion.

Designs to match your taste

Discover the beauty of blue topaz gemstone with Caratlane range of jewellery. Few of the collections featured in Caratlane are:
  • Peacock Collection: A tribute to the traditional style, the peacock earrings in blue topaz is inspired by the bird’s elegant pose. Simplicity personified, earrings in blue topaz can be paired with any outfit to glamorize the look.

  • Showstoppers Collection: As the name suggests, showstopper pieces from Caratlane make a statement and can be paired with traditional outfit for celebratory occasions.

  • Stitched Collection: A rather simple take on jewellery, these pieces are apt for daily wear. Be it work or casual ocassions, wear a Sini Halo necklace or a Sui Dhaga earrings and let compliment pour in.

  • Fleur Collection: If you are one who believes less is more, you can go for the Blue Paradise Pendant or a Blue paradise ring. Simply gorgeous, these pieces make a huge impact no matter what you are wearing.

  • La Naturale Collection: The Elite necklace is a perfect piece for everyday wear. Effortless, minimal yet elegant, this necklace is a smart choice for working women. On the other hand, the Elegant gemstone earrings can be paired with formal, dresses or gowns for a more formal approach.

  • Buy Online Blue Topaz Jewellery

    Caratlane Blue topaz Jewellery ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 40000. With convenient payment options such as credit card and debit card payment, net banking and fund transfers, enjoy a carefree shopping experience with Caratlane. We understand the importance of trying a jewellery before purchase, therefore our Try-at-Home feature enables you to try on a desired piece of jewellery at the comfort of your home.

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