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Braid Cable Gold ChainBraid Cable Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 132 $ 158
Lucid Cable Gold ChainLucid Cable Gold Chain
Thin Gold Chain
$ 118 $ 131
Charming Foxtail Gold ChainCharming Foxtail Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 230 $ 233
Divine Cable Gold ChainDivine Cable Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 191 $ 194
Vivid Cable Gold ChainVivid Cable Gold Chain
18 Kt Rose Gold Chain
$ 131 $ 146
Charming Cable Chain for KidsCharming Cable Chain for Kids
18 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 84 $ 88
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Twisted Platinum Curb ChainTwisted Platinum Curb Chain
950 Platinum Chain
$ 134 $ 139
Modest Cable Gold ChainModest Cable Gold Chain
Thin Gold Chain
$ 129 $ 140
Wide Box Gold ChainWide Box Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 271 $ 273
Duo Twine Cable Gold ChainDuo Twine Cable Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 199 $ 209
Ravish Cable Gold ChainRavish Cable Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 147 $ 164
Delight Texture Link Gold ChainDelight Texture Link Gold Chain
Gold Figaro Chain
$ 441 $ 464
Unite Box Gold ChainUnite Box Gold Chain
18 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 166 $ 168
Petite Venetian Gold ChainPetite Venetian Gold Chain
Gold Curb Chain
$ 280 $ 295
Fine Platinum Cable ChainFine Platinum Cable Chain
950 Platinum Chain
$ 170 $ 189
Fine Texture Round Gold ChainFine Texture Round Gold Chain
Gold Snake Chain
$ 217 $ 220
Firm Interlaced Cable Gold ChainFirm Interlaced Cable Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 399 $ 420
Elegant Platinum Round ChainElegant Platinum Round Chain
Platinum Round Chain
$ 293
Two Tone Link Gold ChainTwo Tone Link Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 250 $ 253
Grand Foxtail Weave Gold ChainGrand Foxtail Weave Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 293 $ 295

A Collection of Charismatic Chains

Chains are the simplest yet classic form of jewellery worn by both men and women. Loved for its versatility, chains make for perfect jewellery for any occasion and can be paired with any outfits. You can add a stylish pendant or chunky earrings to create a unique look for a special occasion as well. Buy the best and latest chain models online in India from CaratLane's massive collection of chains. Shop online through hassle-free online payments and customer-centric facilities by CaratLane!

  • A range of nearly 190 chain models, set in yellow gold, white gold and platinum varies between a price range of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. You can pick from petite and regular size chains for men and women.
  • CaratLane offers a vast range of unique chain designs based on classic, contemporary, traditional, and Italian themes. Choose a stylish chain for wedding, evening or everyday wear. Some of the distinct chain styles include; the Flat Gold Chain, Gold Curb Chain, Gold Figaro Chain, Gold Herringbone Chain, Gold Link Chain, Gold Rope Chain, Gold Snake Chain, Mens Gold Box Chain, Thick Gold Chain, Thin Gold Chain and Two Tone Gold Chain.
  • Long chain designs are perfect as evening wear and can be paired with various outfits. Long chain designs such as the Quad Strand Ball Gold Chain, set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold or the Vivid Platinum Ball Chain are extraordinary patterns of chains.

Chains for Men

Chains is one of the jewellery forms worn by men as commonly as women and in style. Check out the stylish collection of chains for men by CaratLane!

  • Platinum chains for men include stylish designs like the Interlocked Platinum Link Chain and the Adorn Platinum Ball Chain.
  • Wear the classic yet dashing gold chains such as the Delight Texture Link Gold Chain and the Awry Link Gold Chain, both set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold.
  • The Lucid Venetian Gold Chain, set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold is another interesting design of gold chains for men.

Chains for Women

Women wear chains on every occasion and also on an everyday basis. From parties to work, chains for women are available in an endless variety, offering them variety to experiment with. Most women across the globe have been known to wear chains as a second skin. Paired with a pendant according to the occasion, a simple chain can be made more attractive easily. CaratLane has put together an exciting collection of chains for women.

  • Heavy gold chains for women are just ideal for weddings, matched with traditional attire. The Interlaced Cable Gold Chain and the Entwine Cable Gold Chain, both set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold are some of the models.
  • You can also try the Italian chain designs like the Bloom Cutout Link Gold Chain or the Pattern Cutout Link Gold Chain, both set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold.
  • The Tri Beaded Cable Gold Chain, set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold is a magnificent piece of jewellery for women.
  • The Twisted Platinum Curb Chain, set in 950 Platinum is a charming pattern of chains for women. The Beaded Platinum Ball Chain is a beautiful choice of chains for women as well.

Gold Chains

Gold chains are the most classic form of ornaments worn by men and women both. From simple and sleek to bold and chunky designs, you can make your pick from CaratLane's flawless range of gold chains!

  • Women are seen wearing gold chains as a form of traditional jewellery. Gold chains are adorned by women as work wear, evening and everyday wear as well. The Enamel And Texture Ball Gold Chain and the Beaded Layer Cable Gold Chain, set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold are beautifully crafted designs of a gold chain for women.
  • CaratLane has curated a smart range of gold chain for men designs. The Plush Foxtail Weave Gold Chain is an awesome example of a gold chain for men.
  • A gold chain for baby can be a great gift for a little one and CaratLane has put together charming designs of gold chains for babies.

Platinum Chain

A platinum chain is a classic chain model, adorned by both men and women of all ages. Platinum has evolved as a metal over the decades and has take form in various ornaments.

  • CaratLane offers a smart range of platinum chains for men, including designs like the Elegant Platinum Round Chain and the Poise Platinum Curb Chain.
  • Check out the Lucid Platinum Link Chain and the Fine Platinum Cable Chain for women available on CaratLane!

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