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Svelte Stud Diamond Stud EarringsSvelte Stud Diamond Stud Earrings
Classic Diamond Earrings
$ 423 $ 528
Flat 20% off
Framed Lotus StudsFramed Lotus Studs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 675
Floral Heart Stud EarringsFloral Heart Stud Earrings
Heart Gold Synthetic Ruby Earrings
$ 79 $ 88
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Classic Leaves Diamond Stud EarringsClassic Leaves Diamond Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 190 $ 212
Flat 20% off on Diamond Prices
Daisy Floret Stud EarringsDaisy Floret Stud Earrings
Floral Diamond Earrings
$ 143 $ 150
Flat 5% off
Catia Stardom Stud EarringsCatia Stardom Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 217 $ 233
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Ornate Floral Stud EarringsOrnate Floral Stud Earrings
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 155 $ 164
Flat 5% off
Arlette Butterfly Stud EarringsArlette Butterfly Stud Earrings
18 Kt White Gold Studs and Tops
$ 77 $ 85
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Striped Heart Stud EarringsStriped Heart Stud Earrings
Gold Earrings
$ 72 $ 76
Flat 10% off on Making Charges
Carl Ear Studs for HimCarl Ear Studs for Him
14 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 43 $ 54
Flat 20% off
Emily Miracle Plate Stud EarringsEmily Miracle Plate Stud Earrings
Classic Diamond Earrings
$ 98 $ 130
Flat 25% off
Infinity Love Stud EarringsInfinity Love Stud Earrings
14 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 67 $ 77
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Glittering Petals Stud EarringsGlittering Petals Stud Earrings
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 205 $ 228
Flat 20% off on Diamond Prices
Robby Ear Studs for HimRobby Ear Studs for Him
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 71 $ 101
Flat 30% off
Strawberry Stud EarringsStrawberry Stud Earrings
Creative Gold Earrings
$ 65 $ 68
Flat 5% off
Circlet Stud EarringsCirclet Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 133 $ 141
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Ludo Square Stud EarringsLudo Square Stud Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 171 $ 190
Flat 10% off
Bunny Stud EarringsBunny Stud Earrings
14 Kt Rose Gold Studs and Tops
$ 74 $ 79
Flat 10% off on Making Charges
Sparkling Star Stud EarringsSparkling Star Stud Earrings
Classic Diamond Earrings
$ 349 $ 410
Flat 15% off
Chris Dolphin Stud EarringsChris Dolphin Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 101 $ 113
Flat 25% off on Making Charges


The first earrings that infants wear are thin gold wires pierced into the lobe of the ear. With time, this simple ear adornment changes, with age and occasion deciding the design. Wearing earrings is almost taken for granted and, many times, the absence of earrings makes one look incompletely dressed. It takes just a small piece of gold on the ears to transform the look of the wearer. This is why stud earrings have gained such popularity across gender, age and class.

Versatile Stud and Top Earrings

CaratLane has a huge collection of gold stud earrings and diamond stud earrings that can match every mood, budget and occasion. More than six hundred designs in gold and platinum with and without diamonds or gemstones are displayed on the website that showcases excellent craftsmanship and creativity. Get ear studs for men from the wide range of collection in Men Earrings category.

Golden ears

Traditionally, gold is the metal of choice for studs. The 450-plus designs made of 22K, 18K and 14K gold come in floral, paisley, star, heart-shaped and geometric motifs. Many of these are enhanced with one or more gemstone. Citrine, white sapphire, yellow sapphire, blue topaz, blue sapphire, emerald, ruby, garnet, amethyst and diamonds - stones of all sizes, shapes and combinations have been used tastefully to create gemstone stud earrings.

Precious platinum

Platinum jewellery has a minimalist and elegant look that is often understated. CaratLane has over a hundred designs of platinum stud earrings. Most of these designs are in a floral or petal motif. The gemstones used in some of the designs are blue topaz and diamonds- stones that blend with the silver-grey of the metal, enhancing its look with a gleam and a sparkle.

Size does matter

Small ones with dainty diamond-studded flowers, single gemstones set a ring of gold or the traditional gold discs; the CaratLane collection understands that small is beautiful. These small but significant stud earrings go well with office wear. The collection also caters to occasions that require a slightly more intricate and larger, something that is removed from the ordinary. These could be the swirls of diamond or the jaali-like patterns in gold. An added hoop or a single gemstone drop from the main piece can also draw attention to the jewellery.

Stud collections and themes

Collections of stud earrings in CaratLane have been named based on the inspiration for the same. While the Heart beat collection is self-explanatory, the Trellis collection has motifs that resemble wrought iron work. Among these, there are traditional patterns like the wheel and the flower that can be worn as wedding jewellery stud earrings matched with jhumkas. There are also funky designs like the fish pattern or the glory peacock with enamel work, which is ideal for party wear.

Shop at leisure with CaratLane

While every online shopping portal allows the customer to choose and buy items from the comfort of their home, CaratLane has gone a step further with the Try@Home feature which allows you to virtually try out the jewellery with a 3D app. Payment can be done by cheque, credit/debit card, online transfer, Western Union money transfer or NEFT/RTGS.

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