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Bevan Hammered Matching SetBevan Hammered Matching Set
Contemporary Gold Set
$ 287 $ 313
Haze Royal Matching SetHaze Royal Matching Set
Classic Gemstone Set
$ 458 $ 486
Chris Dolphin Matching SetChris Dolphin Matching Set
Fashion Gold Set
$ 171 $ 191
Svelte Sun Matching SetSvelte Sun Matching Set
Contemporary Gold Set
$ 232 $ 263
Double Pendulum Matching SetDouble Pendulum Matching Set
Contemporary Gemstone Set
$ 327 $ 341
Riley Diamond Truss Matching SetRiley Diamond Truss Matching Set
Cluster Diamond Set
$ 260 $ 335
Trio Primrose Matching SetTrio Primrose Matching Set
Floral Gemstone Set
$ 199 $ 220
Svelte Matching SetSvelte Matching Set
Contemporary Diamond Set
$ 399 $ 438
Evelyn Ornate Matching SetEvelyn Ornate Matching Set
Contemporary Diamond Set
$ 373 $ 462
Allure Matching SetAllure Matching Set
Contemporary Diamond Set
$ 406
Lil Butterflies Matching SetLil Butterflies Matching Set
Modern Gold Set
$ 165 $ 184
Cute Giraffe Matching SetCute Giraffe Matching Set
Fashion Gold Set
$ 172 $ 187
Wine Matching SetWine Matching Set
Classic Diamond Set
$ 450 $ 478
Star Struck Matching SetStar Struck Matching Set
Modern Diamond Set
$ 247 $ 288
Ana Knotted Cluster Matching SetAna Knotted Cluster Matching Set
Essentials Diamond Set
$ 306 $ 356
Neely Inter-Twisted Matching SetNeely Inter-Twisted Matching Set
Classic Diamond Set
$ 369 $ 452
Simple Drop Pearl Matching SetSimple Drop Pearl Matching Set
Contemporary Diamond Set
$ 247 $ 316
Metro Topaz Heart Matching SetMetro Topaz Heart Matching Set
Heart Gemstone Set
$ 202 $ 265
Rosa Ruffle  Matching SetRosa Ruffle  Matching Set
Contemporary Gold Set
$ 547 $ 549
Esme Hug Me Matching SetEsme Hug Me Matching Set
Classic Gemstone Set
$ 233 $ 299

Jewellery Set : Womanhood at its bewitching best, with CaratLane by its side

Jewellery has traditionally been more than just a medium of beautification for the Indian women. They are not only ornaments but symbols of tradition, culture and prosperity, which are quite close to the hearts of Indian women. The changing jewellery designs speak volumes of the changes the fashion world undergoes over a period of time, but timeless jewellery is one that remains etched in the memory of the individual wearing it. Jewellery sets are wonderful accessories preferred by women all over the world, as daily wear and especially worn to dazzle onlookers on special occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies and birthday parties.

Diamond Set

With CaratLane for company, you do not have to worry about matching that necklace with earrings, as you are presented with a massive choice of attention grabbing DESIGNS. Choose that dazzling Frill Trellis matching diamond jewellery set with 0.6 Ct diamonds set in 18K rose gold and become the center of attraction at any family gathering or the annual office party. Complement your clothes with the latest in fashion jewellery and you will remain etched in public memory for ever. Isn't that something every individual craves for?

Gold Set

With this glut of choices being offered on its online shop, the brand has managed to satisfy the jewellery needs of the most discerning buyers and prides itself in being the foremost option for women. With ranges starting from Rs 10,000 upto Rs 2,50,000, CaratLane has everything to suit the budget and needs of every buyer. It is truly no wonder that with such amazing choices and a flexible price band, CaratLane has become the preferred choice when it is time to go shopping and adorn yourself with the latest in authentic jewellery sets.

There are highly talented artists and designers working in the background, creating designs unseen in the world of jewellery and ensuring every single gold jewellery set that qualifies for display, is an exclusive creation.

Pearl Set

As a young customer, you can choose from dolphins, chipmunks, deer, teddy bears and butterflies or order the perfect gift for the apple of your eye from CaratLane's fully-stocked online store. If you have a penchant for pearls, check out the elegant pearl jewellery set as the brand has thoughtfully laid out matchless designs in each and every segment. The Evelyn Ornate matching jewellery set is an intricate design of diamonds set in 18K Yellow Gold and is a connoisseur's choice.

Ruby Set

CaratLane has been a game-changer in the world of jewellery and with its strategic partnership with Tanishq, it has brought the best of trending and traditional designs together under a single umbrella. Patrons can now shop for the LATEST jewellery without moving from the comfort of their homes and choose from a mind-boggling range of diamond, gold, platinum, pearl and ruby jewellery sets. Take your pick from the elegant and eye-catching designs that are flawless and bewitching to all those who see them in all their glory.

Classic Platinum Jewellery Set

CaratLane, in a short time, has understood the pulse of their elusive buyers, as a result of which you are privy to jewellery sets that bring out the woman in you. Every woman is keen to adorn the best, whether it is the platinum set that has caught her eye in the online store or that exclusive platinum jewellery set. With a brand of such stature available to guide her, women are ready to create a flutter and make an authoritative fashion statement, every time they step wearing an elite design. Crafted with the best of carefully curated precious stones and embedded in gold, CaratLane is creating new benchmarks in the world of jewellery.

Get ready for the most special occasion of your life with CaratLane

From ethnic designs created with the traditional buyer in mind to contemporary designs for the modern generation, CaratLane has made its way into the hearts of millions of customers with its singular focus on satisfaction of the customer. While ultra-special occasions like a marriage ceremony demand the elegance and grace of a wedding necklace set, a happening party needs to be attended, wearing a chic diamond jewellery set that matches the casual wear you have selected for the occasion.

Trust and Authenticity-CaratLane has it all

The authenticity of every single piece of jewellery crafted by CaratLane is verified by leading third-party laboratories like BIS, SGL, IGI, GSL, GIA and Variety Hallmark. While online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds, it is the confidence to deliver top-notch products with unmatched quality that has helped CaratLane reach a position of eminence. There are innumerable designs, price ranges and ornaments that will have the most seasoned buyer to get into a tizzy. The 30-day return policy reflects this confidence and makes CaratLane the single destination you need to visit while purchasing the latest jewellery or gifting it to your loved ones.

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