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Gandhabhadra TanmaniyaGandhabhadra Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 415
Haworthia Fractal Necklace
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 1,013
Tarenya TanmaniyaTarenya Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 453 $ 481
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Sangamini TanmaniyaSangamini Tanmaniya
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 575 $ 622
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Asani Layered  TanmaniyaAsani Layered  Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 382 $ 422
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Udvaha Wavy TanmaniyaUdvaha Wavy Tanmaniya
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 1,068
Tiraya Jhoola TanmaniyaTiraya Jhoola Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 1,367
Nakshtra TanmaniyaNakshtra Tanmaniya
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 758 $ 848
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Nisha TanmaniyaNisha Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 1,027
Satchita TanmaniyaSatchita Tanmaniya
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 507
Harini TanmaniyaHarini Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 453
Ananya TanmaniyaAnanya Tanmaniya
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 1,162
Sadusti TanmaniyaSadusti Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 432
Dhriti TanmaniyaDhriti Tanmaniya
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 1,141
Gitika TanmaniyaGitika Tanmaniya
Diamond Tanmaniya
$ 807 $ 866
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Ayavitya Floral TanmaniyaAyavitya Floral Tanmaniya
18 Kt Yellow Gold Tanmaniya
$ 658

Stylish Tanmaniya Designs

A tanmaniya is a traditional ornament which is another replacement of the classic gold and black beads mangalsutra. A tanmaniya over time may replace the mangalsutra where the black beads style is not considered essential. A tanmaniya can also be worn as sparkling evening wear necklaces by women, as it is as graceful as it is a bold jewellery design. Check out the endless range of tanmaniya patterns by CaratLane, made available online.

Fine Designs of a Tanmaniya

Typically inspired by classic and traditional themes of diamond jewellery, a diamond tanmaniya is an enticing ornament for women. Glistening with diamonds, with intricate designing and craftsmanship, every diamond tanmaniya by CaratLane will surely win every heart. Set in yellow gold and white gold, CaratLane's collection of tanmaniya is priced at Rs 20,000 which goes upto Rs. 75,000. A tanmaniya will definitely attract all the right attention and enhance the charm of your beautiful face furthermore. Here's a stunning collection of tanmaniya by CaratLane

  • The wide U-shaped Tiraya Jhoola tanmaniya is a mesmerising pattern of a tanmaniya. This design by CaratLane can alone leave a sparkle in every eye at a party. Flaunt your tanmaniya with panache.
  • Wavy patterns of a tanmaniya give it a distinct look as well. The Udvaha Wavy tanmaniya and the Tarenya tanmaniya are such examples of a tanmaniya by CaratLane. An edgy pattern of a tanmaniya can make you stand out in a crowd.
  • The V-shaped tanmaniya with a tear-drop diamond is an extraordinary design by CaratLane. The Sangamini tanmaniya and the Satchita tanmaniya are such stunning pieces of diamond jewellery for women by CaratLane.
  • Contemporary designs of a tanmaniya are few, but still exquisite. The intricately crafted Dhriti tanmaniya, set in 18K Yellow Gold is an extremely beautiful piece of jewellery for women. Fine craftsmanship and intricate designing make CaratLane's tanmaniya collection unique and outstanding.
  • The Sadusti tanmaniya, the Chitrabanu Floral tanmaniya or the Ayavitya Floral tanmaniya are such chic tanmaniyas which can give you a striking yet simple look. These small-sized tanmaniyas are comfortable to wear as everyday wear for women. A sleek tanmaniya is sleek and pocket-friendly at the same time.
  • The Nakshtra tanmaniya by CaratLane is another extraordinary pattern of a tanmaniya for women.

CaratLane's Diamond Jewels

CaratLane offers interesting styles of ornaments to its customers, such as a tanmaniya. The portal delivers 100% certified quality products, along with beautiful designing. The portal provides its customers with multiple online payments options for convenience of online shopping. It allows its customers to avail a 30-day free returns or the lifetime exchange policy as well.

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