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Classic Navratna Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 590
Tanisha BangleTanisha Bangle
Essentials Diamond Bangle
$ 868
Gold Orb Bangle (Matte)Gold Orb Bangle (Matte)
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 472
Half Moon BangleHalf Moon Bangle
Fashion Forward Gold Bangle
$ 558
Vera Floral BangleVera Floral Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 664
Tranquility BangleTranquility Bangle
Essentials Diamond Bangle
$ 773
Edged Chevron Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 662
Forever Floral BangleForever Floral Bangle
Essentials Diamond Bangle
$ 743
Golden Amalgamation BangleGolden Amalgamation Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 608
Cutout Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 596 $ 662
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Twirl Navratna Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 710
Patterened Gold Bangle Set of 2Patterened Gold Bangle Set of 2
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,353
Ariel Twist BangleAriel Twist Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 897
Marquise Cutout Gold BangleMarquise Cutout Gold Bangle
Traditional Gold Bangle
$ 858
Notch Gold Bangle Set of 2Notch Gold Bangle Set of 2
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,010
Maisie Interlaced BangleMaisie Interlaced Bangle
Contemporary Gold Bangle
$ 562
Linear Groove Gold BangleLinear Groove Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 674
Millennia BangleMillennia Bangle
Essentials Diamond Bangle
$ 1,141
Chloe Criss-Cross BangleChloe Criss-Cross Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 555
Textured Gold Bangle Set of 2Textured Gold Bangle Set of 2
Traditional Gold Bangle
$ 1,085
Demi Entwined BangleDemi Entwined Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 517

The Stunning Range of Thin Gold Bangles

Prompting women to listen to their heart, an array of gold bangles is enlisted online. Making them the indispensable ornaments worn during weddings and other celebrations, the popularity of thin gold bangles is demonstrated in the form of simple accessories capable of adding multiple sparkles to an ensemble. CaratLane, the online jewellery shopping interface enlists an impressive array of thin gold bangle designs that can be worn for various occasions.

Aurum Lends a Sheen to Wrist Adornments

A lavish wedding does not echo the melodious and clinking sounds of thin gold bangles worn by the bride or guests in general. Becoming typical ornaments that can be gifted, an assortment of affordable gold jewellery in the form of thin gold bangles are all set to infuse a humane touch to ornaments, thereby immortalizing them as precious jewellery for life.

Gold has its two prominent tones of yellow and rose as the variants that are used to churn out these wondrous wrist embellishments. 22K gold thin bangles sporting the rich yellow tinge is the purest form of gold jewellery for women, followed by 18K thin gold bangles which are equally stunning. Women with a penchant for the rose tinge have dual options in the form of 18K and 14K rose gold thin bangle. Indulge in the “Enchanted” collection of thin bangles design portraying the exclusive sheen of rose gold accompanied by an intricate filigree work.

A Bangle for an Occasion

With the convenience of bangles online, a simple click is all that is needed for women to make their choicest jewellery purchases, be it for their wedding or for daily use.

The Iha Glitter Gold Bangle sporting a wavy assembly of diamonds is a thin gold bangle which can be worn for weddings.

Along with these two categories, adorning your wrist with a single thin gold bangle bracelet like the Aruvi Crafted Gold Bangle can become your first choice for party accessories.

The Traditional theme arrays a striking assortment of thin bangles made in gold like the 22K yellow gold Asya Wave Gold Bangle and the oval shaped Hiza Floral Gold Bangle.

The Designer collection introduces you to the brilliance of a rope design bordered with the glitter of gold etchings, named Anisha Milligrain Gold Bangle.

The love for unique designs can be satiated through perfectly carved Geometrical thin gold bangles.

Celebrate with Festive Bangles and Bracelets

Made from 22K yellow gold, the Gold Nugget Bangle is sure to make heads turn at any gathering. The Arni Braided Gold Bangle is an apt display of sophistication coupled with a lively representation of etched leaves. The Half Moon Bangle demands a special mention featuring an easy to wear pull and lock mechanism. The Chloe Criss-Cross Bangle is another promising entry in the online festive collection of thin gold bangles.

The Pleasure of Online Shopping

Prompting one to choose thin gold bangle designs that mirror their personalities, CaratLane is the benefactor of modern jewellery through a plethora of modern thin gold bangle collections. A simple click is all that is needed to do away with the physical strain of scouting for bangles designs latest.

CaratLane makes the payment process easier by accepting debit/credit cards, net banking and fund transfer.

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