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Kalika Trellis EarringsKalika Trellis Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 449
Thea Trellis PendantThea Trellis Pendant
Contemporary Diamond Pendant
$ 350
Fabia Trellis BraceletFabia Trellis Bracelet
18 Kt Yellow Gold Women Bracelet
$ 1,320
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Georgia Trellis BangleGeorgia Trellis Bangle
Contemporary Diamond Bangle
$ 1,567
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Carmel Trellis EarringCarmel Trellis Earring
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 661
Peafowl Trellis Drop EarringsPeafowl Trellis Drop Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 1,678
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Joe Trellis Diamond Stud EarringsJoe Trellis Diamond Stud Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 377
Joe Trellis PendantJoe Trellis Pendant
Contemporary Diamond Pendant
$ 200
Kim Trellis Stud EarringsKim Trellis Stud Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 449
Abra Trellis EarringsAbra Trellis Earrings
18 Kt White & Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 540
Carol Trellis BangleCarol Trellis Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 2,365
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Elegance Trellis PendantElegance Trellis Pendant
Contemporary Diamond Pendant
$ 1,826
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Elegance Trellis Drop EarringsElegance Trellis Drop Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Ruby Earrings
$ 1,508
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Tress Trellis PendantTress Trellis Pendant
Floral Diamond Pendant
$ 328
Paige Trellis BanglePaige Trellis Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 2,735
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Althea Trellis BangleAlthea Trellis Bangle
Contemporary Diamond Bangle
$ 2,818
5% off (Use Promocode: 5ON75K)
Guilia Trellis BangleGuilia Trellis Bangle
18 Kt White & Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 5,834
Aquila Trellis Diamond PendantAquila Trellis Diamond Pendant
Contemporary Diamond Pendant
$ 291
Callista Trellis PendantCallista Trellis Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 277
Orna Trellis EarringsOrna Trellis Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 313

Adorn the Stylistically Interwoven and Beautiful Designs of Trellis Jewellery

The Trellis Jewellery collection at CaratLane consists of enchanting and universal pieces of jewellery. These items of jewellery have been carefully crafted according to the needs of the modern Indian jewellery wearer. With a wide variety of design in the stores of CaratLane, Trellis jewellery is a sight to behold. With items ranging from a price of Rs. 12,700 to Rs. 2,60,000 these perfectly crafted jewellery pieces are dazzling and fashionable.

Unique Design, Unique Experience

Trellis jewellery are a perfect fit for both professional and festive occasions as they complement any outfit. Apart from having a unique design, Trellis Jewellery for Women has a simple and minimalistic pattern. The gold designs are very subtly complemented with tiny solitaires, which add radiance to the jewellery.

  • Trellis earrings such as Doreen Trellis Earrings and Kalika Trellis Earrings have simple and elegant designs such as flowers and pearl drops. These earrings contain solitaires at the centre and have a very contemporary appearance.
  • The Lucia Trellis pendant is a part of the Trellis Pendants collection. It consists of a delicate curvy design combined with intricate detailing throughout the body of the pendant.
  • Trellis Bracelets such as the Janet Trellis Bracelets can be worn on a daily basis without any hassle. For those with traditional tastes, Trellis Bangles are also available in a variety of patterns. One such example is the Giovanna Trellis Bangle which has a very sophisticated design and hence appeals to every generation.
  • Trellis Diamond Jewellery has unique appeal due to the magnificent charm of diamonds. Diamonds and other gemstones constitute the making of Trellis Gemstone Jewellery that is ideal for festive affairs.

  • Ease of Purchase

    With hassle-free payment options and a Try@Home feature, shopping on CaratLane’s online stores makes for an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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