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Plumeria Knot NecklacePlumeria Knot Necklace
$ 394
Station Pearl NecklaceStation Pearl Necklace
$ 175 $ 184
Flat 5% Off
Floret Pearl String NecklaceFloret Pearl String Necklace
$ 307
Lesley Cutout NecklaceLesley Cutout Necklace
$ 189 $ 199
Flat 5% Off
Joely Hammered NecklaceJoely Hammered Necklace
$ 183
Graduating Pearl NecklaceGraduating Pearl Necklace
$ 259 $ 273
Flat 5% Off
Duo 'O' NecklaceDuo 'O' Necklace
$ 231
Treva Cutout NecklaceTreva Cutout Necklace
Gold Y Necklace
$ 242 $ 255
Flat 5% Off
Solitary Pearl NecklaceSolitary Pearl Necklace
$ 157 $ 165
Flat 5% Off
Floral Dusk Diamond NecklaceFloral Dusk Diamond Necklace
$ 307
Amore Bar Diamond NecklaceAmore Bar Diamond Necklace
Contemporary Bar Necklace
$ 249 $ 262
Flat 5% Off
Woodruff Bloom NecklaceWoodruff Bloom Necklace
$ 625
Flat 5% Off (Use Promocode STEAL5)
Victory Multi Layer NecklaceVictory Multi Layer Necklace
Fashion Multi Layered
$ 468
Forever in Love Bar NecklaceForever in Love Bar Necklace
Diamond Lariat
$ 326
Sophia Rose NecklaceSophia Rose Necklace
$ 193 $ 203
Flat 5% Off
Sequenced Pearl NecklaceSequenced Pearl Necklace
$ 167 $ 186
Flat 10% Off
Aine Hammered NecklaceAine Hammered Necklace
$ 178
Sparkling Star NecklaceSparkling Star Necklace
$ 256 $ 270
Flat 5% Off
Cross of Jesus Diamond NecklaceCross of Jesus Diamond Necklace
$ 258 $ 272
Flat 5% Off
Linear Multi Layer NecklaceLinear Multi Layer Necklace
Diamond Multi Layered
$ 449

Necklace: Jewellery That Graces Your Neck

The delicate contour of a woman’s neck adds a certain charm to her demeanour. Embellishing it further with a necklace brings out a sensual elegance. All you have to do is match your neckline with the right neckpiece.

Necklaces for women have been a trend since the art of jewellery came into existence.

Necklaces through history

We humans have always been instinctively passionate about beauty and wearing a necklace is a beautiful adornment. This piece of jewellery can be dated back to the Stone Age where they were made purely of natural materials like durable vines, bird feathers, colourful seeds etc. As time progressed into the Bronze Age, man discovered metal and soon began casting necklaces out of metals like gold, silver, copper etc. And so the age of neck jewellery advanced to making much more intricate and valuable ones, such as platinum necklaces and pearl necklaces.

Soon they became a symbol for various things like a mark of royalty, social status, a charm, a religious medallion and the obvious, a fashion accessory.

Necklace Designs

Today designer necklaces are created to enhance a woman's appearance. An attractive gold necklace or diamond necklace can be a confidence-enhancer too. It makes a woman not just look but also feel pretty.


Weaved together aesthetically, chains are fine metal necklaces that can vary in thickness.


Necklaces are striking chains with an added embellishment. They are pretty-looking charms when accompanied with lockets and pendants.


These days the classic black bead mangalsutra comes laced in an assortment of designs that range from subtle to extravagant.

Long necklaces

As simple as it may seem, a single long necklace can make a statement on its own. These designer necklaces look striking in hues of gold.

Bar necklaces

A stylishly modern design, the bar necklace is a bar shaped embellishment looped in the chain. Most often it is a horizontal bar that comes attached on either side by a chain.


Lariat necklaces resemble a lasso-like rope that's draped around your neck with the ends crossed or knotted in the front and centre.

Y-style necklaces

This necklace gets its name from its shape that features a long row dropping in the centre forming a Y-shape around your neck.


This revived 90's style jewellery is a tight-fitted necklace that positions itself around the neck, touching the skin.

Chunky necklaces

These necklaces are huge and heavy and are statement-making pieces.

Multi-layered chain necklace

This necklace is made up of overlapping layers of chain that together create an appealing-looking neckpiece.

You can get all the latest necklace designs at CaratLane.

Chains for men

When it comes to neck jewellery, men have had their fair share of it too. While ancient royalty wore a whole bunch of heavy gold necklaces, today men's neck jewellery is reduced to chains. Gold and platinum chains seem to be a classic among them. For men who like to bling it, these chains can make a statement on their own when worn with a tailored suit. The key is to keep it modest.

So, pick a neckpiece that best suits your needs and grace your neck with it.

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