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Dazzle Bridal Ring SetDazzle Bridal Ring Set
Classic Diamond Women Ring
$ 778 $ 858
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Luminous Solitaire Bridal Ring SetLuminous Solitaire Bridal Ring Set
Bridal Set Women 18 Kt White Gold Ring
$ 959
Sparkle Bridal Ring setSparkle Bridal Ring set
Fashion Diamond Women Ring
$ 893
Splendour Bridal Ring SetSplendour Bridal Ring Set
Bridal Set Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 922
Eterna Bridal Ring SetEterna Bridal Ring Set
Contemporary Diamond Women Ring
$ 1,352
Lumia Bridal Ring SetLumia Bridal Ring Set
Bridal Set Women 18 Kt White Gold Ring
$ 1,224
Glitz Bridal Ring SetGlitz Bridal Ring Set
Contemporary Diamond Women Ring
$ 1,169
Elite Solitaire Bridal Ring SetElite Solitaire Bridal Ring Set
Bridal Set Women 18 Kt White Gold Ring
$ 632

Let your Jewellery do the talking with the Bridal Diamond Jewellery Set

A key ingredient in any wedding trousseau is the bridal jewellery set. CaratLane offers several versatile options in wedding rings sets. For the bride looking for a combination of extravagance and subtlety, the Elite Solitaire bridal jewellery set is the perfect fit. The white gold jewellery set has a simple silver band with a spiral twist and a more splendid wedding ring that has two white diamond gold band that swirl together towards a solitaire diamond.

Caratlane's Collection of Bridal Diamond Jewellery Set

The site has multiple options in yellow and white gold in addition to combinations of the two with a range of Rs.19, 000 to Rs.67, 000.

A plethora of options

  • An unconventional choice lies with the Lucy Double Halo ring which is a two-toned diamond jewellery set. The yellow gold band splits into a trio of diamond encrusted bands before uniting at a central large diamond that is surrounded by concentric bands of miniature circle and square bands sequentially arranged. The base contains white gold detailing with floral shaped diamonds.

  • The Eterna Bridal ring set is an elegant option in white gold. The more subtle of the two rings in this jewellery set has a row of diamonds running completely along it. The second in this bridal diamond jewellery set has two smaller rows of diamonds that lead to a yet another row of miniature diamonds that flank a solitary large diamond.
  • Yet another gorgeous white gold piece in the assortment is the Luminous Solitaire ring set. The wedding ring has two bands twisted together with diamonds along the apex towards a single diamond set at the core of a circle of diamonds. The other ring in this jewellery set has a similar braided appearance with the diamond encrusted loops across the crown and the remainder a simple white gold band.

Innovative shopping experience:

CaratLane offers its shoppers a modern experience with the 'try@home' feature which helps customers see how the bridal jewellery sets look on themselves in the comfort of their own home. Put any hesitation to an end with the varied hassle-free payment options available, including EMI, online and cash on delivery.

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