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Imara Cutwork  BangleImara Cutwork  Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 790
Haiya Leafy BangleHaiya Leafy Bangle
Antique Gold Bangle
$ 2,655
Edgy Cutout Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,174
Corin Hammered BangleCorin Hammered Bangle
Geometry Gold Bangle
$ 792
Linked Loop Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,179
Twine Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,439
Mika Leafy BangleMika Leafy Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 2,574
Lattice Mesh Gold Bangle
Classic Gold Bangle
$ 1,978
Crossover Texture Gold BangleCrossover Texture Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 974
Deco Pattern Gold BangleDeco Pattern Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,433
Gritty Texture Gold BangleGritty Texture Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 688
Notch Texture Gold Bangle Set of 2Notch Texture Gold Bangle Set of 2
Classic Gold Bangle
$ 1,380
Gardenia Floral BangleGardenia Floral Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 2,514
Edgy Stripes Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,261
Binu Textured Gold BangleBinu Textured Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 812
Ovate Cutout Gold BangleOvate Cutout Gold Bangle
Traditional Gold Bangle
$ 843
Grooved Paisley Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,484
Zuri Textured Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,490
Crossover Gold BangleCrossover Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,087
Khalisa Cutwork  BangleKhalisa Cutwork  Bangle
Contemporary Gold Bangle
$ 911
Two-Tone Linear Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,891

Broad Gold Bangles The Modern Style Factor

There always is something flamboyant about a single broad bangle. Over the ages, broad bangles are known to have spruced up the wearer’s look exponentially. An attire worn for a special occasion seems incomplete without these beautiful pieces of jewellery adorning the wrists. If not just for occasions, CaratLane also has broad gold bangles design for daily use.

Heavy And Lightweight Broad Gold Bangles

Indulge in the spectacular collection of tastefully made broad bangles design on CaratLane to choose your favourite pick. The amazing gold bangles designs with price ranging between 34,092 and Rs. 3,84,100 in CaratLane’s online bangle catalogue will surely offer an array of options for you to choose from.

CaratLane knows that sometimes you prefer going light with lightweight broad gold bangles while at some other occasions, you’d prefer going heavy. This site has broad gold bangles in 10 grams, 20 to 30 grams set in 18K and 22K Yellow make. For those who are looking for something heavier, be sure to surf through the mesmerising, complex designs in broad bangles as heavy as 40 grams to a little over 113 grams.

Wear Broad Bangles Solitary Or Club With Other Precious Jewellery

At times, wearing just one glittering gold broad bangle is enough to accessorise your attire, be it for regular use or for an occasion. But if you like being more elaborate, then broad bangles can be clubbed with attractive gold jewellery. The best part about broad gold bangles is that they go well with all kinds of precious gemstone jewellery like diamond sets and so on.

Different Themes for Your Lovely Wrists

CaratLane keeps in mind the tastes or varied requirements of today’s shoppers and, hence, has carefully segregated these broad bangles design into different themes. Spectacularly designed antique broad bangles, traditional, contemporary are all available on CaratLane.

Dazzling Cutwork Bangles

CaratLane boasts of a spectacular collection of intricately made cutwork bangles like the Imara, Khalisa or Agnela cutwork broad bangles. If you prefer something not as broad as these but intricate still, then do take a look at the Nyssa cutwork bangle. Each of the intricate bangles in these categories is bound to give you that glamorous look when you step out to attend the next occasion.

If you want something more detailed for your wrist, then be sure to go through CaratLane’s collection of broad bangles like the Aylin Swirl bangle or the Azalea Ornate Floral bangle to name a couple.

A CaratLane Shopping Experience

To ensure that every shopper has an end-to-end smooth experience on CaratLane, we have various payment options for you. Try the debit or credit card payment for easy exits. You could also try net-banking or fund transfer for successful transactions. Buy broad gold bangles online from CaratLane to dazzle your wardrobe!

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