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Gold Necklaces For Women

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Trio Pearl Layered NecklaceTrio Pearl Layered Necklace
$ 541
Lesley Cutout NecklaceLesley Cutout Necklace
$ 204
Amer Ornate Lawn Necklace
Cut Out
$ 494
Station Pearl NecklaceStation Pearl Necklace
$ 187
Navilu Feather NecklaceNavilu Feather Necklace
$ 388
Floweret Reversible NecklaceFloweret Reversible Necklace
$ 252
Graduating Pearl NecklaceGraduating Pearl Necklace
$ 277
Treva Cutout NecklaceTreva Cutout Necklace
Gold Y Necklace
$ 261
Matsya Topaz NecklaceMatsya Topaz Necklace
$ 426
Solitary Pearl NecklaceSolitary Pearl Necklace
$ 168
Sue Butterfly Cutout NecklaceSue Butterfly Cutout Necklace
$ 412
Joely Hammered NecklaceJoely Hammered Necklace
$ 189
Elle Interlooped Cutout NecklaceElle Interlooped Cutout Necklace
$ 236
Cute Heart Reversible NecklaceCute Heart Reversible Necklace
$ 257
Ramona Layered NecklaceRamona Layered Necklace
Traditional Mala
$ 1,317
Haley Stamped NecklaceHaley Stamped Necklace
$ 1,000
Station Pearl Y NecklaceStation Pearl Y Necklace
$ 289
Galena Bead NecklaceGalena Bead Necklace
Gold Mala
$ 1,053
Amer Ornate Bar Necklace
Cut Out
$ 533
Star Reversible NecklaceStar Reversible Necklace
$ 252
Golden Beaded NecklaceGolden Beaded Necklace
$ 811
Dee Hexagonal Ripple NecklaceDee Hexagonal Ripple Necklace
$ 326

Spread the Glamour of Gold Necklace

Every woman's love for a gold necklace stays strong. The age-old gold necklace for women is the most adorned form of jewellery. Traditional attire in India paired with a gold necklace is a sure-shot winner. With the evolution of designs and styles, contemporary necklace designs have created a special place for itself. Modern women like to don latest and fashionable patterns of necklaces, which can be worn with traditional as well as western outfits. CaratLane's online collection of unique gold necklace models for women are outstanding.

Flawless Designs of gold necklace for women

With 155 unique gold necklace designs, CaratLane's exquisite range of gold necklaces has something for every choice. Its gold necklace collection is set in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold variants, and the price range varies between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 2,50,000. Stylish patterns of gold necklaces by CaratLane are suitable for evening wear, work wear, everyday wear and for desk to dinner. The gold necklace for women range is based on classic, contemporary, designer, fashion, heart shaped, traditional, essentials, cut out, geometric, Italian and ethnic themes.

Traditional gold necklaces are evergreen and a beaded gold necklace defines royalty. CaratLane has a bold and beautiful range of gold necklaces.

  • The Chokapora collection has some of the most stunning gold necklace patterns. It includes the three-layered Tri Line Beads Gold Necklace, the chunky Petite Beads Gold Necklace and the Awry Beads Gold Necklace, all set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold.
  • The Barrel Bead Gold Necklace, set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold is another gorgeous gold necklace for women by CaratLane.

A multi-layered gold necklace for women is an exquisite style of evening wear jewellery. CaratLane has curated a beautiful collection of gold necklaces with not one but many layers to add to your style.

  • The Cylindrical Layered Necklace and the Flor Layered Necklace, set in 22 Kt yellow gold are a perfect amalgamation of multiple thin chains of gold into one gold necklace.
  • The Grandeur Layered Necklace or the Elva 4 Layered Necklace, set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold are breath-taking necklace designs by CaratLane, perfect to be worn as bridal wear.

The Uttarakshin collection of gold necklace for women by CaratLane is a beautiful floral-inspired range.

  • The Suniti Lotus and Coin Gold Necklace from the collection is a sleek yet striking design of gold necklace for women.
  • The classic lotus and coin themed necklaces, the Raima Lotus and Coin Gold Necklace and the Latika Lotus and Coin Gold Necklace are marvellous.

Buy the latest contemporary necklace designs for women by CaratLane!

  • The Amethyst and Pearl Necklace or the Trio Pearl Necklace are smart necklace models for work wear.
  • Adorn the Ella Layered Necklace from the Gold Lace collection, set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold as evening wear.

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CaratLane provides its customers the best quality of jewellery at great prices. The portal provides multiple online payment options along with a 30-day free return policy and the lifetime exchange option as well.

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