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Long Necklaces for Women

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Evita Faceted Disc Necklace

The Evita Faceted Disc Necklace is tastefully set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold. A long Traditional necklace, designed to glamour to a subtle look.

$ 1,196

    • SKU
    • UL00162-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 23.14 gms
Tassel Intersect Necklace

The Tassel Intersect Necklace is beautifully designed in 22 Kt Yellow Gold (21.67 gms). This long Traditional necklace can be styled as a dazzling addition to an understated attire.

$ 1,120

    • SKU
    • UL00158-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 21.67 gms
Lia Layered Bunch Necklace

The Lia Layered Bunch Necklace is exquisitely crafted in 22 Kt Yellow Gold. Pair this long Traditional necklace with an elegant outfit to create a complete look.

$ 1,405

    • SKU
    • UL00170-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 27.2 gms

Long Necklaces – Delicate Neckpiece Wonders

While a woman’s love for gold ornaments is well known, there is an irreplaceable affinity for long chains to become her precious jewellery in her jewellery box. Featuring a collection of differently styled long necklace jewellery designs, CaratLane; the one-stop-shop to buy jewellery online prompts women to order these delicate neck adornments.

The Purest Form of Women’s Necklaces

Exuding a great deal of sophistication, these wondrous adornments satiate the longings of women to possess unique designs of neckpieces that can complement any attire. Time is always right to invest in these fine-crafted long necklaces with stylish strands along with others tapering with tassels.

The sheen of yellow metal comes alive in its purest form when it is used to churn out wondrous neckpieces that eventually become your signature ornaments. Reflecting the glitter of 22 Kt yellow gold jewellery, these ornate creations are a cut above the rest. Without even wasting a moment, buy any one of the gold long chain designs flaunting different cuts as an intelligent move to become the proud wearer of modern jewellery.

Long Gold Chains for Ladies Matching Different Occasions

It is the innate nature of fashion conscious people to get dressed for an occasion with accessories that complement their attire. More so with women who demonstrate deep sensitivities for jewellery to be in tandem with what they wear. Enabling them to carry themselves with an air of pride, CaratLane enlists the Evita Faceted Disc Necklace as a perfect accompaniment to match your wedding outfit. Enabling you to garner the attention of onlookers at an evening party, the evening wear long necklace jewellery does the trick for you. Lia Layered Bunch Necklace is one such creation that is bound to shower you with compliments every time you choose to wear it. The Tassel Intersect Necklace is another online party wear offering that is sure to make heads turn at any gathering. Measuring 31 inches in length, this ornate neckpiece can make you the showstopper with its sheen reflecting on your smiling countenance.

Thematic Presentations Influence Your Online Purchase Decision

Presenting the glory of the bygone era, a couple of traditional long gold chains teamed with the impressive presence of tassels as embellishments make up for the awe-inspiring long chain necklace online collection. This way, you can pick the design that is closest to your heart and flaunt the same as an expression of your never ending fascination for a long necklace.

Coupled with these beautification options comes the pleasure of online shopping that is bestowed by CaratLane. Featuring the first-of-its-kind virtual 3D app, this feature comes as a blessing for online shoppers to experience the look and feel of their chosen ornaments even before they reach your doorstep. Identified as a user-friendly move, the “Try at home” is another noteworthy facility offered by CaratLane; bestowing the benefits of trying before buying. You also have the luxury of making cashless payments through net banking along with credit and debit card transactions; another advantage of online shopping for jewellery.

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