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Pearl Jewellery

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Presenting Too You the Mark of Royalty – The Prestigious Pearl

In the depth of the sea, cushioned inside an oyster, lays an illuminating gemstone we call the pearl. Since ancient times, this precious bauble has been a mark of royalty. So exclusive was this valued piece of jewellery that it was adorned only by Kings, Queens and the elite few in the yesteryears.

The Ageless Pearl

This exclusivity had a lot to do with how pearls are formed. Unlike most precious stones, there’s no digging or scavenging of the earth surface to discover this gemstone. It come from living creatures and plays no part in the destruction of the environment. It is a by-product of an incredible defence mechanism exhibited by oysters and molluscs. These creatures are very delicate and soft inside and can be easily injured by the smallest particles that drift inside. When this happens, to protect itself, the oyster produces a milky substance called nacre which wraps the irritant in it and keeps rolling it around until a thick layer of protection is built. These irritants encapsulated inside the layers of nacre become the precious pearl we adore.

Isn’t it just mystifying to know how that luminous gemstone that sits upright on your engagement ring is a creation by Mother Nature herself!

Of course today, pearl farming and harvesting has made it much easier to control production. Nevertheless, there’s still no human intervention to the actual process. Each pearl is created in its own uniqueness, forming a shape and colour bestowed by its host. The place of origin of the oyster makes all the difference. In fact, pearls are classified based on this.

  • Fresh water pearls are formed in fresh water sources like rivers and lakes. These baubles are lustrous natural white and pink in colour.

  • Akoya pearls are native to Japanese saltwater farms. Think classic white round pearls when you think of Akoya.

  • South sea pearls are the most elite of the lot. They are rare to find and make up only the most high-end jewellery.

  • Tahitian pearls are renowned for their exotic colours and mirror-lustre finish. They come in variants of dark green, blue and hues of black.

  • Together, all these pearls make up a jeweller’s palette. This range is truly exceptional and can be paired with gold, platinum, diamond and other gemstones to create a breath-taking form of jewellery.

    For instance this pearled chand bali made of gold and synthetic emerald can add volumes of elegance to your desi outfit. Or this swirl in cube necklace that undoubtedly brings with it a vintage flair.

    Buying pearls are always a good idea because they never cease to leave an impact. Even today, when you think of them, you’re instantly thinking Audrey Hepburn’s classic pearls in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Queen Elizabeth’s staple three strand pearl necklace, or Caroline Channing’s beloved neckpiece from 2 Broke Girls.

    Your pearl ensemble too can be the talk of the town. And you don’t always have to go for the classics; you can rock the pearl in different styles that best match your personality. From acing the boho chic to an androgynous boss lady vibe, they go with everybody’s sense of style. And that’s why they deserve to be passed on through generations.

    For which you must take good care of these natural wonders. Unlike other jewellery, you cannot simply toss them in your jewel box at the end of the day. They need to be preserved and taken care off so that they don’t chip or break. As a rule, pearls must be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off when you use them. Keep them away from cosmetics, perfumes or chemicals. And assign a special soft-lining box to store them. They’re called precious for a reason. If you treat them right, like the way our ancestors did when pearls were a rear find, you too will be able to pass down this legacy.

    Whatever may be your pearl of choice, from a necklace, earring, ring or bracelet, owning them will put you in the league of the ancient elites who valued this gemstone like no other.
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