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Sway Heart Stud EarringsSway Heart Stud Earrings
Fashion Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 149 $ 152
Alocasia Leaf Drop EarringsAlocasia Leaf Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 432
Batino Leaf Drop EarringsBatino Leaf Drop Earrings
Creative Diamond Earrings
$ 762
Ferna Shine Ear CuffsFerna Shine Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 303
Abida Star Ear CuffsAbida Star Ear Cuffs
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 670 $ 727
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Tropical Palm Leaf Stud EarringsTropical Palm Leaf Stud Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold
$ 530
Domed JhumkasDomed Jhumkas
Indian Gold Earrings
$ 449
Leena Beaded Gold JhumkasLeena Beaded Gold Jhumkas
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 573
Amer Ornate Lawn Drop Earrings
Cut Out Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 404
Butterfly Dew Drop EarringsButterfly Dew Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 210 $ 217
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Lillian Stud EarringsLillian Stud Earrings
Creative Diamond Earrings
$ 849
Miti Beaded Gold JhumkasMiti Beaded Gold Jhumkas
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 432 $ 441
Flat 10% off on Making Charges
Sunflower Stud EarringsSunflower Stud Earrings
Traditional Diamond Sapphire Earrings
$ 582
Swish Stud EarringsSwish Stud Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Studs and Tops
$ 1,284
Swish Twill Drop Earrings
Fashion Forward Diamond Earrings
$ 685
Mila Wavy Laced Chand BaliMila Wavy Laced Chand Bali
18 Kt Yellow Gold Chand Bali
$ 446
Bloomed Lotus Stud EarringsBloomed Lotus Stud Earrings
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 462 $ 497
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Amer Dome Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 443
Amethyst Pear Stud Earrings
Modern Gold Amethyst Earrings
$ 193 $ 203
Flat 5% off
Matsya Linear Drop EarringsMatsya Linear Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 228 $ 232
Flat 5% off on Making Charges
Princess Peacock Ear CuffsPrincess Peacock Ear Cuffs
Traditional Diamond Topaz Earrings
$ 418
Kiah Beaded Gold Stud EarringsKiah Beaded Gold Stud Earrings
22 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 141 $ 155
Flat 25% off on Making Charges

An Array of Wedding Earrings

Weddings are a time for fun and celebrations. Both the families of the bride and groom set on shopping escapades and jewellery is the most essential part of it. Wedding jewellery holds many memories and is chosen with great precision. Wedding earrings hold a special place in the wedding jewellery options and are also among one of the best and valuable gifts for a bride. As many gold earrings or diamond earrings, they are never enough for a woman. CaratLane has a beautiful collection of wedding earrings to choose from.

Dazzling Earring Designs

From Drops and Danglers, Studs and Tops, Hoops and Huggies, to Jhumkas and Chand Balis, CaratLane has something for everyone available online. With a distinct style for every woman, the collection of wedding earrings by CaratLane is set in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The stunning earrings are priced between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 2,50,000, with designs inspired by contemporary, fashion, floral, antique and Indian themes. Check out the stunners enlisted on CaratLane!

Antique earrings are the most sought-after styles as wedding earrings, as they fit perfectly with all Indian dresses. CaratLane offers a beautiful antique wedding earrings range for women.

  • Chand Balis like the Gini Leafy Chand Bali and the Floweret Gilda Chand Bali, both set in 22K Yellow Gold are classic antique earrings for women.
  • Jhumkis being the next favourite among all women, they make for awesome traditional earrings for weddings. Designs such as Eldora Beaded Jhumkas is a breath-taking style of gold earrings.
  • The Oro Corona Drop earrings, set in 22K Yellow Gold by CaratLane is a beautifully crafted pair of wedding earrings for women, perfect for the special day.

Contemporary designs are a need of the hour, as fusion wear is trending on a large scale. Women are open to experimenting modern designs with traditional as well as fusion dresses.

  • Designs like the Paisley and Ribbon Hoop earrings, set in 18K Yellow Gold with diamonds are a smart take on a classic paisley pattern.
  • The Mahua Leaf Stud earrings is another smart and striking design of gold earrings for women.

Diamond earrings top every woman's list of jewellery shopping for a wedding and CaratLane has some marvellous picks for you.

  • Rose gold with diamonds and intricate filigree work is a deadly combination in wedding earrings. Styles like the Fulki Filigree Chand Bali and the Foolan Filigree Chand Bali are like perfection in one place.
  • Diamond earrings in the stylish hoop earrings are an outstanding pattern. CaratLane's designs like the Enamel Semicircle Hoop earrings, set in 18K Rose Gold and the Abstract Curve Hoop earrings, set in 18K Yellow Gold are perfect examples of fine craftsmanship.

CaratLane's Wedding Jewellery Range

CaratLane promises every bride the best of wedding earrings and with latest styles. It perseveres to deliver great quality ornaments which can be bought through an easy online shopping portal. It offers convenient online payment options along with easy exchanges and returns for its customers.

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