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Gold Bracelets For Kids

Beautiful jewellery that complements your everyday style, and completes your look. They’re so stunning, and so you!

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Now we can ship designs faster on requests. Just call us!
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Carola Engrave Kids BraceletCarola Engrave Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 7,986

Carola Engrave Kids Bracelet

Cassandra the Butterfly Kids BraceletCassandra the Butterfly Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 9,938₹̶ ̶1̶0̶,̶2̶4̶5̶

Cassandra the Butterfly Kids Bracelet

Candy Crush Kids BraceletCandy Crush Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,307₹̶ ̶6̶,̶1̶0̶0̶

Candy Crush Kids Bracelet

Bloom Kids BraceletBloom Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,999₹̶ ̶6̶,̶6̶6̶5̶

Bloom Kids Bracelet

Teddy Personalised Kids BraceletTeddy Personalised Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,840₹̶ ̶6̶,̶4̶8̶9̶

Teddy Personalised Kids Bracelet

Flutter Love Kids BraceletFlutter Love Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,511₹̶ ̶6̶,̶2̶6̶3̶

Flutter Love Kids Bracelet

Bluefish Personalised Kids BraceletBluefish Personalised Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,681₹̶ ̶6̶,̶3̶1̶2̶

Bluefish Personalised Kids Bracelet

Dolphin Dive Kids BraceletDolphin Dive Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,174₹̶ ̶6̶,̶0̶8̶7̶

Dolphin Dive Kids Bracelet

Shell Kids BraceletShell Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,556₹̶ ̶6̶,̶5̶3̶6̶

Shell Kids Bracelet

Lovable Snail Kids BraceletLovable Snail Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,321₹̶ ̶6̶,̶1̶8̶7̶

Lovable Snail Kids Bracelet

Baby Octopus Kids BraceletBaby Octopus Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,066₹̶ ̶5̶,̶9̶6̶0̶

Baby Octopus Kids Bracelet

Floret Cutout Kids BraceletFloret Cutout Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 4,852₹̶ ̶5̶,̶7̶0̶8̶

Floret Cutout Kids Bracelet

Baby Boy Kids BraceletBaby Boy Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 7,246₹̶ ̶8̶,̶0̶5̶2̶

Baby Boy Kids Bracelet

Blossom Kids BraceletBlossom Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 6,324₹̶ ̶7̶,̶4̶4̶0̶

Blossom Kids Bracelet

Elephant Kids BraceletElephant Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 7,019₹̶ ̶7̶,̶7̶9̶9̶

Elephant Kids Bracelet

Baby Girl Kids BraceletBaby Girl Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 7,405₹̶ ̶8̶,̶2̶2̶8̶

Baby Girl Kids Bracelet

Skyline Kids BraceletSkyline Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,533₹̶ ̶6̶,̶2̶8̶7̶

Skyline Kids Bracelet

Duckling Personalised Kids BraceletDuckling Personalised Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,343₹̶ ̶6̶,̶2̶1̶2̶

Duckling Personalised Kids Bracelet

Chopper Personalised Kids BraceletChopper Personalised Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 5,749₹̶ ̶6̶,̶3̶8̶8̶

Chopper Personalised Kids Bracelet

Cupcake Kids BraceletCupcake Kids Bracelet hover

₹ 6,686₹̶ ̶7̶,̶7̶7̶4̶

Cupcake Kids Bracelet

Know More about CaratLane

Great Gold Bracelets for Kids

A bracelet is mostly the first gold jewellery adorned by a kid after birth. What starts with a black beads bracelet, is replaced with Gold Bracelets for Kids. Gold Bracelets for Kids is an awesome gift for a new-born as well as for a child’s first birthday. Gold jewellery tops the list as a gift by family and close relatives. A kid’s first gold ornaments become an important part of their memories attached to those jewels. Check out some of the most stunning designs of Gold Bracelets for Kids on CaratLane.

Explore Gold Bracelet Designs!

CaratLane offers traditional as well modern styles of Gold Bracelets for Kids. Priced between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000, the Gold Bracelets for Kids by CaratLane are set in 18K and 22K yellow gold. The portal offers a hassle-free online shopping experience of the best quality jewels at great prices.

  • The Agnes Linked Bracelet and the Lea Textured Bracelet, both set in 22K yellow gold are traditional designs of Gold Bracelets for Kids. These are evergreen patterns which never go out of style.
  • The Figures Charm Bracelet and the Culinary Charm Bracelet, both set in 22K yellow gold are charming designs of charm bracelets for kids.
  • The Carola Engrave Bracelet style can be a great memory for a kid. A bracelet with a kid’s name engraved on it can be an awesome gift in the form of an ornament.
  • The Cutout Bow Bracelet, set in 18K yellow gold is yet another extremely endearing piece of jewellery for kids.
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