North Indian Art meets South Indian Style

Witness a fusion of two cultures as the art of Gulabi Meenakari that originates from Banaras in North India meets the popular coin jewellery of South India. The clash of traditional patterns and modern silhouettes make these designs a masterpiece.

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A Bold Interpretation of Mala Beads

Drawing inspiration from mala jewellery, the collection features golden beads of varying shapes and sizes. It is distinguished by the playful composition of beads that are transformed into truly bold and statement making pieces.

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Weaves of Ikat Reimagined in Gold

The collection showcases the glory of Ikat patterns with an interplay of enamels and intricate detailing. A touch of gold granules lends a beautiful contrast to the designs.

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Tribal Designs Redefined in Elegance

The collection revisits the rustic charm of tribal jewellery in the form of elegant designs. Every piece is adorned with beautiful coil work, a predominant motif that’s used in the ancient art of Dhokra.

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