Timeless classics
Starting from Rs. 4,75,000
An epitome of eternal elegance, our solitaire bangles are a testament to classic style. Handcrafted to stand the test of time, they can be passed down the generations as a treasured piece of heirloom. These solitaire bangles feature simple lines and sleek silhouettes, which lend an unwavering appeal to it.

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The Solitaire Bangle Story
Explore the skillful journey of each solitaire bangle, as it transforms from a sketch to a masterpiece.
Wax Moulding
Wax Moulding transforms hand-drawn sketches to a physical form. From creating CAD designs to using 3D technology to create wax models; each bangle sketch breathes life with physical prototypes.
Post creating the wax models, the casting process begins. At this stage, the model is cast in gold and our master craftsmen painstakingly ensure that each design is done justice to, and each bangle is flawless.
Solitaire Setting
At this stage, our artisans handpick superior-quality solitaires and set each of them individually on the bangle.
Once the solitaires are set, the bangle is sent for polishing to show off its fine details, and give it a stunning finesse.
Quality Check
Post polishing, each solitaire bangle is carefully assessed and examined by jewellery experts to guarantee top-notch quality.
Eternity Solitaire Bangles That Redefine Brilliance
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